Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Apple Balm in Citrus REVIEW and swatch

As I was waiting in line to pay at Sephora, I browsed through their mini/to-go goodies and the Hello Kitty Apple Balm caught my eye once again. I always pick these up while waiting in line, but then decide to wait till next time to try it. This time, however, I decided it was the day I would give it a go! They are so adorable and I love almost anything Hello Kitty. If they work as a lip balm while giving slight color, I would be so happy! I decided to try the color Citrus.
Hello Kitty Lip Balm Citrus, $10

solid orange balm texture, smooth upon touch

Swatches of Citrus on my hand. It gives off a sheer orange color, but looks slightly reddened on my lips.

Citrus applied to my lips. It gives a slight orange tint, but looks red because of my pigmented lips!

The texture of this balm is very smooth. When I rub my lips together I do not feel it sticky or gritty. After 3 hours of wear I no longer see the color, but my lips still feel moisturized. 
There is a fruity scent to the balm, but nothing overpowering. 
The tint is orange, but for my pigmented lips it looks just slightly red-oranged.

Overall, I really like the feel of this lip gloss. The color is sheer and it keeps my lips from being chapped. The only drawback I can think of is that it is hard to get the product out. You use your finger to dip/scoop some product and apply to your lips. This could be unsanitary as well as difficult to reach if you have longer nails.

Hope you enjoy the quick review!

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