Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pacifica Natural Color Quench Liptint in Blood Orange REVIEW and swatches

I love the smell of fruits in my lotions and lip balms. The first time I purchased Pacifica's lotion and lip balm from Sephora, it was a very tasty Tahitian Vanilla scent. The set came with a lotion and a lipbalm. I really liked the scent, but what really caught my attention was the fact that it is paraben-free. Ever since then I have been keeping an eye out for that brand and perhaps new scents. Recently, Target started selling the brand Pacifica, which consists of roll-on perfumes, lotions, body sprays, face wash, bb cream, blushes, lip tints, eyeshadows, etc. The collection ranges from about $10 to $30. Not too bad of a price if you ask me. The fact that this Pacifica collection is even bigger than the one sold at Sephora and that Target is waaay more accessible for me, the temptation is just too much. I have purchased the liptint in Blood Orange from Target and will review it here.

Pacifica Liptint in Blood Orange, $6.99
The liptint comes in a pretty box container and has a cap on one end and a twist up on the other.

The color of this liptint looks very ruby golden red in the tube, but the actual color isn't this dark and pigmented. The liptint is more sheer and gives your lips just a hint of red color and sheen. Of course, if your lips are very light you will see a much bigger difference. For me, it shows up just a little bit of red.

Swatch of Pacifica liptint in Blood Orange

Application: As you can see, Blood Orange is very sheer orange red. The golden shimmers that is in the tube doesn't seem to translate upon application. 
Scent: Smells like an orange!
Moisture/lasting power: I had quite dry lips when I applied this to my lips and it soothed it right away. The moisture lasts for about 4-5 hours without drinking or eating.

Overall: I like the moisture and the tint you get from this Pacifica Liptint. For $6.99, you get the fairly good lasting moisture and some color on your lips. If you are looking for a lipstick, you won't find the pigment here. However, if you have light to medium colored lips and want a little bit of color, you might want to look into this product! The scent is just wonderful.

What are your thoughts? Are you willing to try this brand?


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  1. oh my, this shade is quite nice. great smell and a nice tint. love it! thanks for the swatch and the heads up!


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