Thursday, April 11, 2013

Buxom Fully Loaded Lips duo REVIEW and swatches

I haven't been beauty shopping lately so I didn't have too much to review or swatch for you guys. I guess I should be happy because I was actually able to save some money. Most recently at Sephora, I did manage to pick up a couple small items. One of those was the Buxom Fully Loaded Lips, which contains a miniature size of Full bodied lipsticks in Two-Timer and Lip polish in Sandy. See below for swatches and my take on the items!
Buxom Fully Loaded Lips, $18, Sephora

The sizes of these are quite small. I put a EOS lip balm next to them for size comparison.

The lip polish applicator is a doe foot applicator. The lipstick has a very small diameter.

left to right: Sandy, Two-Timer, Sandy over Two-Timer
Sandy is a pinky nude with rose gold shimmers. The shimmers are very subtle and do not show up much on the lips. I actually do not like lipglosses that contain a lot of shimmers because as soon as the gloss dries out, I get glitter all over my face. Though this is called lip polish, I do not have any trouble with such glitter. 
This stays on my lips for about 2 hours if I do not eat or drink. 
Upon application, you can feel tingling cool sensation on your lips. It is naturally being plumped! It isn't uncomfortable or anything, rather it feels quite refreshing!
Two-Timer is a deep mauve red. It has a sheen to it, but no shimmers or glitters. It is a very nice my lips but better look for me. It glides onto my lips very smoothly and stays for a good 4 hours before fading. 

The combination of the two creates a nice natural hydrated lip. Both of these do not dry my lips out but I also do not notice any drastic moisturization. With the lip gloss, I do feel moisture after the gloss fades, but the lipsticks do not feel moisturizing at all.

Overall, I really enjoy both products. For $18 you get to try both product and at such cute sizes! I honestly don't finish my lipglosses or lipsticks so a smaller size might be better. Plus, this allows me to throw into smaller purses with no problems!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of Buxom's lip products?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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