Tuesday, July 9, 2013

L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick in Ballerina Shoes REVIEW and swatches

L'Oreal had product stands pop up in CVS, Walgreens, and Target near me lately and I was very intrigued in trying a light pink shade of lipstick. I have this love of baby pink lips, but a lot of the times it doesn't go well with my skin tone. I chose Ballerina Shoes from this line and reviewed it here for you. See below for more info!

L'Oreal Made for Me Pinks stands

As you can see, there are multiple shades for every skin tone. I don't wear lipstick a lot so I really enjoy a shade of pink that is more light. Unfortunately, it is also more for fairer skin people.

L'Oreal Ballerina Shoes does not seem to be a limited edition product so this is probably good news to some of you. The packaging isn't anything special and the look resembles the other color riche lipsticks.

L'Oreal Ballerina Shoes (left) $10
Right is L'Oreal Color Riche balm in Caring Coral, which is also a very pretty color. It is moisturizing and very sheer. But enough about this...

L'Oreal Ballerina Shoes is a light pink and has a lot of shimmery sheen finish. On my lips, it looks too frosty for my skin tone. I wasn't surprised, but I had to give it a try! I guess the hunt continues for the perfect baby pink shade. 
Texture wise it does not feel gritty despite all the shimmery sheen. It has the usual L'Oreal lipstick scent but goes away quickly. It wasn't overly drying nor was it moisturizing. I would still wear a lipbalm underneath this lipstick if I feel like my lips feel a little chapped. In terms of wear time, this lipstick lasted about 2-3 hours on me before fading a little and 4 hours before fading nearly completely. 
For $10 a pop (sometimes less when on sale), I would say this is not a must. I guess I am a little biased since it doesn't fit my shade of skintone, but overall it wasn't anything to cry home about. The pigmentation is good, staying power is average, and comfort level is so so. Since it isn't limited edition, I would say wait for a sale and then give it a try then.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. I'm fair skinned and these pale frosts look terrible on me. So who is the fair skinned girl that CAN wear these? I love the idea though. Lipstick buying is hard since you really can't try it on first, and for only 5.50 I hate to take it back as it costs that much in gas to do so.

    1. I know what you mean. Swatches are nice so you get an idea. Now I am curious who this shade was intended for! Thanks for your comment :)


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