Monday, September 23, 2013

Outfit of the Day: September 22nd 2013- Summer to Fall

Hello lovelies! It is officially Fall and I am very excited for the cozier months to come. I also decided to start dressing in more Fall colors but still incorporating some summer colors. Hope you guys are excited for the new season as I am :)

Since it is a Sunday, my wonderful boyfriend was able to help me take some photos- hence the different background. 

Top: Primark deep green vneck blouse (material feels very nice!)
Bottom: Forever21 powder pink skinny trousers
Shoes: Sam Edelman studded flats with cap toe
Bag: Kate Spade Cobble Hill small Leslie in Oyster (love this bag!)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

ELF villains lookbook 2013 Ursula swatches and REVIEW

Halloween time is almost here again and I am very happy that E.L.F cosmetics has decided to come out with their villains themed makeup sets. Last year they had the same sort of products sold near Halloween, but I didn't grab any due to the fact that the eyeshadows were all locked into the palette. Because the palette was made of soft cardboard, it wasn't very durable but still took a lot of space. I really liked the decoration and idea, but it just wasn't ideal. Come this year, we have the same sort of villain character from Disney, but this time the eyeshadow is in a compact of its own. It still comes in this cardboard box packaging, but everything is removable. The only thing that you cannot remove is probably the instructions that come on the sides of the box.
ELF Villains Ursula, $9.99
These are limited edition so grab them while you can. I saw mine at Walgreens and it was still high up on some shelf. I had to ask a customer representative to help me get it down. I am so happy that I found these and got my pick. It looks like they just got it at that Walgreens so make sure you start checking your local ones soon.

The set contains a pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, lipgloss, shadow brush, mascara, and the eyeshadow palette. In comparison to ELF's other cosmetic containers, I would say the eyeshadow box was quite similar if not worse. It isn't very sturdy but it holds what it has to hold. There is a small mirror strip inside the compact which is handy for on the go. The colors in this palette is very varied, unlike the other ones. See below for swatches.

The texture of these are so so. Some of the shades are very buttery and soft while a couple were on the rougher side. For $10, this was a steal regardless. All of my swatches were on bare skin so with primer these would go much better.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Outfit of the Day: September 13th 2013- Going out Chic

Hi Everyone,
Hope Friday was awesome for you all! I chose to dress up a little since I knew I was going to be out at night. I threw on a blazer to dress up the skinny jeans and simply black vneck. It was comfy, warm, and slightly dressy.

Top: Forever21 black v-neck tee
Bottom: Forever21 dark wash jeans
Blazer: Cotton On burgundy blazer
Purse: Calvin Klein blue navy tote

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

em cosmetics by Michelle Phan Life palette sample beach life look REVIEW and swatches

Many of you may know Michelle Phan. The girl who started as a youtube beauty guru making how-to videos for the everyday girl. She has since grown to working with Lancome, having her own monthly sample box company, and now even her own cosmetic line. Having followed her from near the beginning of her career, I was very intrigued about this new line of cosmetics.
Cute and simple packaging that the trial size palette came in.

The Life Palette was created by Michelle and teamed with L'Oreal to bring us this array of make up in one palette. The idea is to have all the possibilities in your hand to create endless looks. You can choose from Beach life, Career, Night, Party, Day, and  Love. All of these comes with a travel case which you can pop out eyeshadows, lip glosses, blushes as you choose to take with you. One thing that has discouraged me from getting the full sized Life Palette is the price. A whopping $75! That is a lot to pay without knowing anything about it or even trying it out.

That's when the trial sized life palettes came in handy. For $10 (shipping included, yay!), I found trying em cosmetics much more reasonable. I ordered the Beach Life sample palette because I liked the brown colors more. The trial size only comes with three eyeshadows and a lipgloss, but that would give me a pretty good idea on how I like them.
One of the Beach Life palette quads. Only the eyeshadows and lipglosses with
arrows came with the trial size.

Upon swatching, I noticed they were not powdery or contain too much fallout. It is also pigmented, in a way. What I mean is when I tried to swatch it with my finger onto the back of my other hand, I noticed my finger is very pigmented, but it doesn't transfer quite well onto the back of my hand. I had to do several swipes to get enough product on my finger then onto my hand. This seems to translate similarly to a brush. I tried using several brushes such as fluffy, dense, synthetic, and natural hair and noticed that a lot gets stuck on the brush. On the eye, it transfer slightly better than the back of my hand, but the effect isn't the most pigmented. I have much more pigmented eyeshadows (Wet n wild, Nars  etc.), some of which cost less than the Life Palette.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sigma Beauty Creme de Couture Blush in Cherry Apple REVIEW and swatches

Sigma Beauty is a company that is known for their awesome brushes and several eye products. However, most recently Sigma came out with a presale of a Creme de Couture line of blushes and eyeshadows. All of the products in this line is "macaron" inspired and looks pretty yummy. I'm sure you would have already guessed that I purchased it immediately. Macarons are my weakness. The collection isn't very large, but the items in it are quite intriguing. I have only purchased one blush to review, but I am excited to try some more when the official line releases on Friday, September 16th 2013.

SigmaBeauty Creme de Couture Cherry Apple blush, $12

One thing that had me very confused about the blush was I assumed it was going to be a cream blush. Maybe it was just my misunderstanding, but I thought "creme de couture" meant something was going to be cream textured? I am not a huge huge fan for cream, but I wouldn't mind having a few in my collection. I prefer powder, but those have their vices as well.
SigmaBeauty Creme de Couture Cherry Apple blush

Outfit of the Day: September 10th 2013- Pink and Grey

Sorry for the long absence. I would like to inform you it isn't because I ran out of clothes to wear or have been running around the streets naked. [How weird would that be?] Rather, it is because I have been on vacation and haven't had time to upload or even get outfit photos up. Since I returned, I have managed to snap one photo of my outfit. Here it is!

I completely forgot to take a photo of my shoes. I don't like to wear shoes around the house so I always forget that bit. Anyway, the outfit I have on is very casual and laid back. Tee and jeans= awesome.

Top: Forever21 pink vneck
Bottom: Target Mossimo grey with pink distress and crop
Bag: Calvin Klein navy blue leather tote
Shoes (not shown): Rocket dog slip ons

Hope everyone is having a great day despite all the heat waves.