Friday, October 25, 2013

Outfit of the Day: October 25th 2013- Pastels in the Fall

I know Fall has finally come around and the weather got more chilly, but I just couldn't help but dress in some pastel colors. This sweater that I have in pastel pink is the warmest and comfiest sweater ever. I really like that it is 3/4 sleeve so that I can still move around and not have it get in the way. It has a slight slouchy feel to it so it just makes it that much more relaxing. Everything else just went with the sweater. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Top: Forever21 pink 3/4 sleeve sweater (last year)
Bottom: Target Mossimo turquoise trousers
Shoes: Unlisted brown oxfords with sequins
Bag: Calvin Klein navy blue tote
Necklace: homemade shell necklace with pink pearl


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