Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day: November 22nd 2013- cozy cardigan

This outfit was from Friday. I wanted to dress extra cozy and still be presentable so I chose this big slouchy cardigan to go with my skinny jeans and tee. Since the cardigan sweater was bulky, I also threw on a belt to give me some shape. The lace headband was just a nice way to "dress up" the outfit a little more so it didn't look like I just woke up. Hope you enjoy it!

Top: Striped tee from H&M
Bottom: Forever21 skinny dark jeans
Cardigan: Forever21 cable knit slouchy cardigan
Bag: Calvin Klein navy leather tote
Headband: Forever21 lace pearl and diamond headband



  1. i really like that headband :) i think it suits your style and personality very well!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I really appreciate it! You are too sweet :)


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