Monday, February 3, 2014

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3: Pink Lemonade 369 and Californ.i.a REVIEW and swatches

Sleek Makeup is a brand across the pond over in the UK where they come up with some of my favorite products and shades. I own several blushes, lip balms, and brushes from them. Recently, they came out with two new blush palettes called Pink Lemonade and Californ.i.a. I'm not going to lie, a part of the reason why I purchased Californ.i.a. is because I am from California. I have to represent! Anyway, not only because of the name, the shades in this palette is just beautiful. See below for swatches and my review.

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3: Pink Lemonade and Californ.i.a, $14

Pink Lemonade consists of 3 shades (left to right):
Icing Sugar: a medium pink with lots of gold shimmer powder blush
Macaroon: a magenta cream blush
Pink Mint: a bronzy rose gold with subtle sheen powder blush

Californ.i.a consists of 3 shades (left to right):
Newport Beach: a salmon-y pink cream blush- very similar to Macaroon, but slightly less intense.
The Surf: a champagne rose with shimmer cream blush
OC: burnt red orange cream blush

I am quite impressed with all of the shades in these two blush palettes. The colors are quite pigmented, as to be expected with all of Sleek Makeup's blushes. I don't tend to like cream blushes because I have oily skin, but I feel that these cream blushes do not leave a sticky/oily residual on my cheeks. I work quite well with them. Although a few of these shades do have shimmer in them, they aren't too crazy and emphasize pores. The packaging, as with other Sleek Makeup products, is very sturdy and comes with a mirror. My only complaint is that the mixing of the powder blushes and cream blush is very inconvenient. Every time I try to pick up a powder blush, some of the powder gets into the cream blush and makes it nearly impossible to clean. This only is a problem with Pink Lemonade as the cream blush is sandwiched between two powder blushes. The Californ.i.a blush is okay because all three are cream blushes. 

Texture/Application: The application for all of these were easy to blend and soft to the touch. The cream blushes were not too sticky or creamy on the cheeks. There was one shade, Icing Sugar from the Pink Lemonade palette, that came out a bit chalky. After buffing and applying on the cheeks, it was okay.
Scent: I detected no scent.
Staying power: The cream blush stayed about 8 hours whereas the powder blush stayed about 7 hours. 
Overall: I really like the colors in these two palettes. I love corals and pinks and this had all that. I found the cream blushes quite acceptable, despite my bias towards powder blushes more. For the money, I think you are getting a good quality product and container. I would highly recommend trying either of these if you like the colors. 

Do you own any Sleek Makeup blushes?


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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