Sunday, March 15, 2015

Maybelline Spring 2015 Color Elixir gloss in Citrus Evolution and Passionate Peony REVIEW and swatches

I am so glad this post is finally going up. I have purchased 2 of the 4 Maybelline Spring 2015 Color Elixir lipglosses and have been trying to hunt down the other two for the last week or so. When I came across empty handed, I decided I need to review the two I currently have. Maybe I will get lucky and find the other two, but in the mean time, here are Citrus Evolution (115) and Passionate Peony (120)!

These new Spring 2015 shades come in the same container and packaging as the other Color Elixirs you have seen before from Maybelline. The colors are more pastel and bright, reminiscent of Spring! 

Maybelline Color Elixir in Citrus Evolution and Passionate Peony, Walgreens, $10.99

Citrus Evolution is a bright orange shade. It reminds me of a tangerine! There are no glitters or shimmers, but that doesn't mean it shows matte. (Shown on my lips above.)
Passionate Peony reminds me of a medium pink. It is a little sheer, but again no glitters or shimmers.

Application/Texture: This wears very similar to other Maybelline Color Elixir glosses. It has an airy feel so it isn't heavy on your lips. When you rub your lips together, it feels very cushioned.
Scent: It has a slight sweet floral scent. Same as previous Elixirs.
Staying power: I found this stayed on my lips about 2-3 hours until disappearing. If I drank or ate before 2-3 hours, it will fade sooner. 
Overall: I really like these Color Elixirs like I did with the previous ones. Though the shades look very pretty in the bottle and swatched, I don't notice too much change of colors on my lips. I do have pigmented lips, however, so this might show up better on people with slightly less pigmented lips. Another thing you could do is apply a nude lipstick, then this gloss on top to pop. Being limited edition, I would definitely run out to grab them before they are gone!

All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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