Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Nude REVIEW and swatches

I have been on a 'no buy' for makeup items just because I knew I had waaaay too much. I have decided to look at my stash and only make necessary exceptions. That is mainly why you haven't seen me blog lately...because I don't have any new finds to share. However, if you ever get in a video watching mood rather than reading, go and check out my youtube channel here. That channel is mainly for reviews of handbags and other monthly boxes that I get. I find reviews for handbags easier when I can show you all the angles. Anywayyy, back to today's review.
I broke the 'no buy' for Sephora's VIB love sale. I got a 15% off my entire purchase over the course of about 1.5 weeks. I got a few things, but I also tried very hard to not go overboard. One such item was the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Nude. I have the Rose version and I loved it. I justified this purchase because I felt it was more of a necessity since my lips have been dried.

Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Nude, $22

Very similar to the Rose version, the Nude version has the same sweet fresh scent and also was moisturizing. The tube is made of metal and the twist up action did not only apply to the balm product but also the cap. Instead of a pop cap, this screws open, which made it more sturdy. I have had the mishap of my chapstick popping open in my purse before! The shade is a bit lighter than the Rose shade, but it could lighten my lips if I apply enough of the product.

Application/texture: This melts into the lips upon touch and easily spreads. It isn't buttery, but still very easy to apply. When you rub your lips together, you can feel something there but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky.
Staying power: This lasted 3 hours before I needed to reapply. With eating or drinking, the reapplication is even faster.
Scent: Has a lemony sweet scent. Similar to all of the other Fresh Sugar lip treatments. (I believe the therapy ones smell different though.)
Pigmentation: Though not very pigmented, I think it does create a lighter color on my pigmented lips.
Overall: I really love this nude shade. I think it is very natural and easy to apply without a mirror. The scent is fine for me and I think the sturdy twist lock for the cap is a plus. Though $22, it is a fairly large tube and would last you a while.

I believe this is the newest shade in the family...have you seen this?


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