Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fresh Sugar nourishing lip balm advance therapy REVIEW and swatches

Fresh Sugar released a new lip product called the Nourishing Lip Balm Advance Therapy. Sephora had this available for VIB to try early. Being a fan of Fresh Sugar's lip balm, I was very excited to see that this looked similar to the Dior lip balm. Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

One swipe of the lip balm onto the back of the hand does not give that much color. It is mainly a balm to save your lips from dryness than adding color. I do really like the nude pink color, but none of that is translated to the lips. It is a peppermint-y balm and you can definitely feel some tingling.

texture/application: This product requires application with your fingers. It is in a thin jar and is malleable under touch. Upon applying to lips, it glided on smoothly and I was able to rub my lips together without stickiness.
scent: peppermint
lasting power: about 3-4 hours
moisturizing: it is very moisturizing, I really like how this saved my lips from dryness
overall: I love the scent of this and the tingling sensation. It is very easy to apply and keeps your lips supple and nice. It is a potted item, which means you need to use your hands. It may not be a good product to use during a long day out because your hands will likely get dirty at some point. However, it is a great bedside item!

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