Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tarte Holidaze At First Blush set REVIEW and swatches

So I believe it is time to stop the no-buy for cosmetics. Holiday season is finally here and there are a lot of very pretty and great value kits! Today I have one from Tarte! It is the Holidaze collection featuring a set of 4 blushes. To my knowledge, these aren't on the permanent list of blushes so if any of these jump out at you, go grab them. Limited edition stuff are always very hard to get your hands on once they sell out., $35

Each swatches is done with 2 swipes. 
Ecstatic - pink coral with a matte satin finish
Epic - medium pink matte satin
Embellish - wine red with hints of shimmer
Entertain - light pink matte

All of these shades held out very well with them lasting about 9 hours each. Unlike other larger sized Tarte blushes, these do not come with a mirror and are a bit smaller. These are 0.05 oz each while regular size is .2 oz at $28. Though smaller, the container felt just as sturdy as the full size.

Texture/application: Very smooth to apply and blends easily. There are hardly any shimmer in most of them so it is very easy to create nice color without emphasis on pores.
Scent: None detected
Lasting power: This lasted 9 hours before fading.
Overall: I definitely would recommend this set if you love Tarte blushes. These are great for travel because let's face it, who actually uses up all of the blush on a vacation? For $35, this set is a steal and has limited edition shades! This is also a great intro set as you get many shades for the price of one and half regular blush!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chanel Le Vernis Rose Fusion 757 and Lame Rouge Noir top coat nail polish REVIEW and swatches

Taking a quick break from my beauty-no-buy, I stopped by a Chanel boutique on my recent San Francisco visit and purchased two nail polishes. I hadn't planned to purchase a nail polish, but after swatching it in stores I fell in love with Rose Fusion and Lame Rouge Noir top coat.

Chanel Le Vernis Rose Fusion 757 and Lame Rouge Noir top coat, $27 each
Rose Fusion 757 is a metallic pink champagne shade. I would say it looks quite like bronzy rose gold. It is quite opaque in one coat, but looks great with two especially in certain lights. Above, I have two coats of Rose Fusion with one coat of Lame top coat.
Lame Rouge Noir top coat is a clear coat with a hint of red/burgundy shade. Then there is very subtle shimmers and larger flecks of gold.

When Lame Rouge Noir is placed on top of the Rose Fusion polish, it lends a slightly redder tone to the polish. The gold flecks are also subtly present on the nail. 

Application/texture: Rose Fusion was opaque after one coat and was very easy to apply. No streaking despite being metallic as long as you carefully paint your nails in similar directional strides. Despite having flecks of gold, it does not feel gritty.
Lasting power: It was great for 5 days before minor chips occur on the tip of nail.
Overall: I really love these two shades. Rose Fusion is very pretty and easy to apply. Lame Rouge Noir top coat is a versatile top coat and creates very pretty combination with your existing polishes.