Friday, April 22, 2016

Lancome My Parisian Blush in Corail de Ville REVIEW and swatches

Lancome's 2016 spring collection consist of two very pretty blushes, one of which I purchased and will review here. These blushes are "gel" to powder consistency. It allows for more natural application and better staying power.

Lancome My Parisian Blush in Corail de Ville, $39, Macy's, Nordstrom

Corail de Ville is a very pretty deep/burnt orange coral shade. It could be used very nicely as a contour color as well. It is "squishy" when you touch the blush, but it becomes a powder when you blend it out. 

Application/texture: Starting off as a gel texture, it quickly becomes a smooth powder when you spread the product onto your cheeks or back of your hand. It is very soft and does not dry your skin at all. It also blends quite nicely. I found applying with my fingers the easiest way to get product onto my face.
Staying power: 8-9 hours.
Scent: None detected.
Overall: I really like this blush. The gel-ish feeling upon touch is very refreshing as you spread onto your cheeks. It quickly becomes a powder and creates a very natural application. It also blends well and has a long staying power without being drying. I like using this shade to contour as well. 

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