Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NOTD: Ciate Iced Frappe nails

It might be that Autumn is right around the corner, but I have a very strong gravitational pull towards lavender greige shades lately. That color craving happens to include nail polish so I found Ciate's Iced Frappe to wear. Iced Frappe is a very neutral tone shade that has hints of lavender and grey and beige all mixed into one. It is a great color to not be boring but also office appropriate. 

Ciate Iced Frappe (2 coats), Sally Hansen top coat (1 coat)
Sephora, $8
Texture/application: Since I got the mini sized version, the application was actually kind of tough. With such a small handle, it didn't give me much control. The polish itself was very smooth and applied quite opaque. 
Lasting power: This lasted 4 days without chipping on me. I washed dishes, cooked, and did the usual lab stuff at work. 
Finish: It wasn't sparkly, but also wasn't matte.

Overall: I really like this shade. Though it feels Autumn appropriate, I would wear this all throughout the year. The polish consistency is great and I think a full size handle might solve the application hiccup. The lasting power was great as well.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fresh Sugar nourishing lip balm advance therapy REVIEW and swatches

Fresh Sugar released a new lip product called the Nourishing Lip Balm Advance Therapy. Sephora had this available for VIB to try early. Being a fan of Fresh Sugar's lip balm, I was very excited to see that this looked similar to the Dior lip balm. Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

One swipe of the lip balm onto the back of the hand does not give that much color. It is mainly a balm to save your lips from dryness than adding color. I do really like the nude pink color, but none of that is translated to the lips. It is a peppermint-y balm and you can definitely feel some tingling.

texture/application: This product requires application with your fingers. It is in a thin jar and is malleable under touch. Upon applying to lips, it glided on smoothly and I was able to rub my lips together without stickiness.
scent: peppermint
lasting power: about 3-4 hours
moisturizing: it is very moisturizing, I really like how this saved my lips from dryness
overall: I love the scent of this and the tingling sensation. It is very easy to apply and keeps your lips supple and nice. It is a potted item, which means you need to use your hands. It may not be a good product to use during a long day out because your hands will likely get dirty at some point. However, it is a great bedside item!

Burberry Beauty Box from Sephora!

Exclusive to VIB Rouges at Sephora, you can now get the Burberry Beauty Box for just $32! If you are like me and have been wanting to try Burberry beauty items, this is a great intro price to try them. I am not sure how long it will last so check it out now.

The beauty box includes:
- 0.17 oz Fresh Glow Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01 
- 0.035 oz Burberry Kisses in Military Red No. 109 
- 0.08 oz Light Glow Contouring Powder Face & Eyes in Earthy Blush No. 07 
- Mini Kabuki Brush 

I just ordered mine in the mail so I hope to play and review it soon! I wanted to get this news out there in case it sells out. Sephora has an excellent return policy so if you purchase and don't like it you can always return it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipgloss in pink-a-boo (30) and tickled pink (40) REVIEW and swatches

I LOVEEEE Maybelline's Baby Lips. Their lip balms are so cute, affordable, and smells great. These are great for everyday use and guess what just made my day better? I found the Baby Lips lipgloss! These appear to be permanent and also come in an array of color and finishes. I have purchased two shades so keep reading to get my take on them.

Maybelline Baby Lips lipgloss, $3.99, Target

Pink-a-boo is a cream finish. It appears to be a light baby pink in the bottle, but on my hand and lips it only gives off a shine. This would be great for a natural look or over lipstick.
Ticked pink is a medium pink cream. On my hand and lips, it doesn't have too much color, but does better than Pink-a-boo.

Have I already mentioned that I really like these? At less than $4, these are a steal! They are a great compact lipgloss that you can put almost anywhere and there is something for everyone. Personally, I don't like shimmers too much, so I am glad they have a cream version. They have jelly, cream, and shimmer finishes to choose from. The scent isn't too strong, but I would say if you are extremely sensitive, these might give you a headache. 
They aren't super moisturizing, but they do a good job if you just need a little somethin' somethin'. They held up on my lips quite well considering them to be a lipgloss. I still felt the gloss on my lips about 3 hours in if I don't eat or drink anything.

Texture/application: Very smooth and gentle. This was easy to apply with the doe foot applicator and rubs nicely into your lips. The texture isn't sticky at all. It feels slightly cushiony.
Scent: This has a slight floral but sweet scent. Reminds me of candy, but a little more floral like. It doesn't linger for too long, however.
Staying power: This lasted 3 hours+ on me if I do not eat or drink anything.
Pigmentation: Though it didn't show up on me well, these are after all two of the lightest shades and I have very pigmented lips. I think if I were to pick a shade darker, they would show up.
Overall: At $4 a pop, these are great little lipglosses to stash in your bag, jeans, car, desk, pockets, and pretty much anywhere. They do come in different colors and finishes and the two that I try apply very nicely. Being a lipgloss, these were able to last 3+ hours on my lips without being sticky. I would definitely recommend!

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach REVIEW and swatches

I met up with one of my followers last week when she was visiting the area. I love it when I catch up with viewers and share make up tips. The lovely Vanessa not only kept me posted on beauty news in Asia, but also brought me a few goodies. One of the things she was able to bring me was the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach. I really love the shade of this product so I couldn't wait to try it.
At first glance, the Baby Lips Candy Wow (BLCW) is a twist-up lip pencil. Being in the Baby Lips line, I expected this product to be very moisturizing and good to my lips. Unfortunately, I didn't find this to be the case. Unlike my recent review of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lipgloss, this one was not moisturizing at all and actually accentuated dry patches on my lips. Granted, it is the summer and I am more often parched now than before, I still find it hard to wear this product. This is sort of why I waited so long to review it. I tried every other possible way to get this product to work because I love the color, look, and packaging.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach, Taiwan/Hong Kong

Peach is a slightly sheen but matte peach shade. I would say it even has a little pastel tone behind it. Above, I am wearing 2 swipes of product on my lips. I also had to add some clear balm on top to make the lips less dry looking. On my hand, it is 2 swipes of product.

I tried wearing this just on its own and it was very drying. It settled into lip lines and also brought out dry patches on my lips. Some balm prior or after application helped it a lot. However, carrying an extra balm would make this product less effective.

Application/texture: This was extremely smooth to apply. It glided onto my hands and lips with no effort at all. The rubbing of my lips together to spread the product was when I first noticed the dry feeling. There was no cushion and it made my lips feel dry and flaky.
Staying power: This lasted about 1-2 hours without eating or drinking.
Scent: This smelled like fruity yogurt. It smelled nice and like something I could eat, but without being too sweet.
Moisturizing: None whatsoever. Not only was this not moisturizing, it was actively drying.
Overall: I really wanted to like this product. Not only is it convenient, smells good, and has a very cute color, it also glides on very easily. Unfortunately, despite my trying it out I found it too drying and needed additional lipgloss or lip balm before and after to keep my lips feeling good. Perhaps other shades in this line will be better, but in the mean time I wouldn't fly to Asia to get my hands on this right away.