Monday, October 30, 2017

MAC Cosmetics Snowball 2017 holiday collection - what I bought

Hello everyone!

It has certainly been a while. With my wedding this year, I have been saving up and being very good about buying new makeup items. I've also tried to stay with the items I already own to prevent allergic reactions to new products. Now that the wedding is done, I have decided to indulge in the new holiday collection!

I purchased two items from MAC's Snowball collection. Everything is so rose gold and pretty I could hardly resist. I have been having trouble storing high res photos on here so I actually made a video instead. Feel free to check it out! In the video I also show a catalog of items Mac offers in this collection with prices.
My Youtube review of Mac Snowball items!



Monday, September 10, 2012

Sleek MakeUp pout polish Frosting and Bonaire, Pan Tao blush REVIEW and Swatches

Sleek Makeup is a cosmetics company in England that makes fashion forward products at an affordable price. I remember while I was in England one summer I fell in love with their cosmetics! I am so glad they ship to the USA and also recently made international shipping so much lower. I actually just ordered more items from their website due to their new webpage look and lowered shipping. I wanted to review the Sleek Makeup products I have currently so you can decide if you want to give them a try!

Today, I am reviewing a blush in Pan Tao and two pout polishes in Bonaire and Frosting. See below for review and swatches!

Pan Tao blush (left), Bonaire and Frosting Pout polishes (right)

Sleek Pan Tao blush, 8g/0.27 oz, $5.99
Pan Tao is a matte orange blush. It is very bright and has a hint of coral apricoty color. This is limited edition.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lorac - Hautelook exclusive Femme Fatale eyeshadow palette!

UPDATE (9/22/12): Swatches and review of this palette here!

I just received an email from Hautelook regarding their sale for tomorrow. They will have a palette from Lorac exclusive for Hautelook. This palette contains shadows from neutral to smokey colors while also giving you a mix of mattes (4) and shimmers (6). This is also perfect for traveling! It comes with a mirror and an eyeshadow brush. Turn your look from day to night with just one palette :)

Available September 7th 2012

LORAC Femme Fatale Eye Shadow Palette

About This Item
LORAC presents a gorgeous palette inspired by the beautiful, powerful women that are seen walking both on and off the Red Carpet. This alluring black, snakeskin "Femme Fatale Palette" exudes the exotic beauty found in all of us and encases 10 shades in a flattering array of 4 mattes and 6 shimmers for every skin tone. With an eye shadow brush for easy application, the compact size is perfect to carry with you for on-the-go touch ups. These versatile hues take you from day to night, leaving your eyes noticeable, unforgettable and dangerously seductive.
- Valued at $100
Colors include:
- Cream (Matte)
- Rose Bronze (Shimmer)
- Light Brown (Matte)
- Wine Sparkle
- Dark Brown Sparkle
- Eggshell (Shimmer)
- Toupe (Shimmer)
- Mauve (Matte)
- Eggplant (Matte)
- Black Sparkle
- Size: 0.3 oz x 10
- For directions and ingredients, see "Show more"
- Imported 
only $14!

To purchase, you must be a member. Sign up is fast and easy.
This link will give you access! Feel free to use it or search it up online. I do get a bonus for referrals through the link. If this blog post has helped you, I would appreciate the sign up!

I know I will be purchasing this online tomorrow (9/7/12), what about you? I will definitely review it after I receive it. Check back if you are interested! UPDATE (9/22/12): I have reviewed this eyeshadow palette and included swatches of all the shades! Check it out here!

Sign up for Hautelook is free, get your acccount today! Hautelook link

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams in Juicy Melons REVIEW and swatches

I love pretty lip colors but a lot do not show up on my pigmented red lips. And if they do, chances are they are too stark white which leaves me looking like a clown or dry my lips out. Good thing I tried Too Faced La Creme color drenched lip creams at Sephora! They are so buttery and so pigmented. I chose the color Juicy Melons, which is a creamy bright coral color with a hint of pink. It really stood out on my lips. See below for swatches and review.
Too Faced La Creme in Juicy Melons, 0.11 oz, $21

A swatch of Juicy Melons

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chanel Fleur de Lotus Joues Contraste powder blush REVIEW and swatches

As usual, I caved to Chanel's Joues Contraste powder blushes. I told myself that I chose Rose Initiale a month ago and should just be content. However, I keep seeing reviews of it and I couldn't stop thinking about how pretty it looked! Then one morning, I saw an email from Chanel and saw that Fleur de Lotus JC blush was now available online! It was definitely meant to be. This was an Asian exclusive limited edition product from spring 2012 and Nordstroms had it available exclusively for their anniversary sale.  I am glad it is now finally available on!

See below for review and swatches!

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder blush in Fleur de Lotus, 0.14 oz, $43

Friday, August 24, 2012

MAC styleseeker Supercontinental blush swatches and REVIEW

I don't think I have ever heard a sales associate be so adamant on a product before when I ask for her opinion. They always shy away and try to get your input on the item first then suggest accordingly. At my recent visit to a MAC counter in Macy's, I was deciding between MAC's StyleSeeker collection blushes in Hidden Treasure and Supercontinental. Hidden Treasure is a rich burnt red color and is very pigmented with a touch of shimmer. Supercontinental is a cute pink color with a sheen finish. Both are gorgeous in my book.

As I stood there swatching and contemplating, the SA came over to ask if I needed some help. I explained to her my indecisiveness on the two blushes. Right away she points to Supercontinental blush and says " That one." Her answer was as fast as reflex. I just started laughing and asked her why. That's when she brought my attention to the beautiful sheen and the unique shade of Supercontinental. Swatched lightly, it seems like a peachy sheen color. Slightly heavier and you can see the fun pink color pop out. I was amazed. Not only was it without shimmers or glitter, but this color can be built up and vary in color? It isn't just a lighter version of a color, but it is completely a different color. She also showed me that the Hidden Treasure shade would be too dark on my cheeks and would look like someone had punched me in the face. I was sold and here is my review and swatch of Supercontinental powder blush. Enjoy!

MAC Supercontinental powder blush, 6g/0.21 oz, $20

A close look at Supercontinental

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to fix your cracked powder blushes and bronzers TUTORIAL

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a 10-blush palette on Ebay. It traveled around half the world and got to me with one cracked blush :(
Sad, but determined to still make use of it, I went ahead to fix this blush. Have you ever dropped your favorite powder blush or bronzer? If you don't want to throw it away, you can actually fix it using this simple method! Read below for a 5-10 minute project :)

End result: blushes looking good as new. Can you even tell which blush was cracked before?

Initial blush palette. The second blush from the left on the bottom was cracked and had pieces thrown all over the place! I was so upset when I opened this. 

To fix, you need:
  • a spoon or knife or anything that can grind and mill the powder pieces.
  • 70% or higher rubbing alcohol
  • paper towel
  • flat circular object