Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to fix your cracked powder blushes and bronzers TUTORIAL

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a 10-blush palette on Ebay. It traveled around half the world and got to me with one cracked blush :(
Sad, but determined to still make use of it, I went ahead to fix this blush. Have you ever dropped your favorite powder blush or bronzer? If you don't want to throw it away, you can actually fix it using this simple method! Read below for a 5-10 minute project :)

End result: blushes looking good as new. Can you even tell which blush was cracked before?

Initial blush palette. The second blush from the left on the bottom was cracked and had pieces thrown all over the place! I was so upset when I opened this. 

To fix, you need:
  • a spoon or knife or anything that can grind and mill the powder pieces.
  • 70% or higher rubbing alcohol
  • paper towel
  • flat circular object

Step 1: take the spoon (or whatever you decided to use) and grind the whole blush pieces into finely milled powder. The finer, the better. I had to gather my scattered broken pieces and put it back in here.

Step 2: push the grounded blush back into the center. If you can get it more fine than the picture above, that's even better! This is definitely fine enough to move to the next step.

Step 3: pour a tiny bit of 70% rubbing alcohol into the center of the powder blush. Let it soak into the blush. You want a fairly mushy mud consistency.

Step 4: mix the goopy blush with your spoon carefully and spread it out evenly across the pan. Make sure to get most of the blush off the spoon to not waste as much product!

Step 5: Place a paper towel on top of the pan and use a flat circular object (here I am using a bottle cap) and lightly but firmly press evenly around. Make sure you hit the edges without pushing the blush out of the pan. Your towel can get wet after a few presses, so replace another towel and repeat the circular pressing motion.

Step 6: Take a look at the blush after the towel stops getting wet from presses. Your blush should still look damp, but not soggy anymore. Let this sit at room temperature and dry at least a few hours. Dry time depends on temperature and humidity, but usually overnight should do the trick.

Step 7: clean up the edges and brush off excess powder left behind on the pan.

Tada! Just like new! I have used this blush and it is just like new! I could hardly see a difference anymore. To see swatches of this blush and all the other 9 blushes in the palette, click here

The other blushes in this palette are so pretty! I am so glad I didn't have to waste this blush.

Have you ever dropped your powder cosmetics and wanted to fix it? How do you fix your cracked makeup?



  1. This is a great tip, Em! I REALLY wish I had known about this trick a few years ago...I would have saved a lot of money from all the cracked eyeshadows that I tossed :/

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Becca! I am always bummed to throw away good makeup! Now you know how to fix those powder cosmetics that have cracks in them :)


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