Thursday, June 28, 2012

Polish and Co 5 O'clock Shadow and Cash Only REVIEW and swatches

update Sept. 13th 2012: I have used these polishes a few more times and I have noticed more and more staining upon removal. I remove these with soap and also with my nail polish remover, but I find it a bit time consuming after a while. If you do not like staining or messy removals, I would skip these colors!

After recently seeing an introduction of the Polish & Co's nail polishes on Nouveau Cheap's blog, I decided to check it out. I am always in search of pretty nail polishes that are Big 3 free (no formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene). After browsing on Polish & Co's website, I decided on two colors- Cash only and 5 o'clock Shadow. 

left: Cash Only, Right: 5 o'clock Shadow 

0.5 oz/15mL, $12 USD  at

 5 o'clock shadow: military/army green cream, one coat

 Cash Only: bright turquoise cream, two coats

Comparison with other teal/turquoise colors in my collection:

 l to r: Zoya Bevin (index), Cash Only (middle), WnW I need a Refresh-mint (ring), Cash Only (pinky)

Bevin is the 'dirty' turquoise in this group. The teal color Bevin possesses is more dusty and deep.
I Need a Refresh-mint is a bright and aqua turquoise. It is the brightest of the group.
Cash Only stands in the middle. It has the bright turquoise, but leans more to the teal side.

Formula/dry time: These two polishes were both very thick and pigmented. Dry time was extremely fast despite the formula being thick.

In fact, the 5 o'clock Shadow shade required only one coat to look like that. Amazing cream! It didn't streak either! I really enjoy working with it.
Cash Only also was very thick, but did not give full coverage in one coat. However, in two coats it became a very pretty bright turquoise. It isn't neon, but just a tad bit brighter than Bevin. Unfortunately, the second coat did appear harder to apply. The polish dried fairly fast and made it somewhat streaky. The more you pile on after the second coat, it just becomes a thick mess. I would not recommend Cash Only to beginners.

Staying power: I have only worn each of these polishes for two days because I like to switch up my colors. During the two days time, I did not notice any chips or problems. If I do wear it longer in the future, I will definitely update this post!

A thing to note: there is a small problem with these nail polishes- they stain. Since I have only tried Polish and Co's dark colors, I cannot speak for the rest of their nail polishes. Like any polish that stains, I would wear a base coat. A good one that pops in my mind is Butter London's nail foundation flawless basecoat. It works like a charm to prep your nail as well as prevent stains. I didn't notice any big stains when I wore Cash Only with the basecoat.

Overall: If you only have time for one coat and need to run out the door, I would definitely give 5 o'clock Shadow a try! It works very easily and has the deep shade that would look very nice for the fall season. Cash Only requires more time and effort, but once you master it you get a very pretty turquoise color. For $12, 5 o'clock Shadow seems to be a good investment due to it drying so fast and requiring only one coat. For Cash Only, I would look elsewhere first for turquoise shades and maybe consider this if you are a big turquoise/teal nail polish collector.

There is free shipping when you buy two or more bottles from their website right now! They had problems earlier on their website on applying the free shipping, but their customer service was really good and they are always there to help. I got my polishes in just 3 days from ordering after speaking to a representative on the phone.

Do you think you will try Polish & Co's polishes?


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. I had a BIG problem with this polish staining... my nails and the rest of my hands when I went to take it off! Do you recommend an acetone or non-acetone remover to help avoid this in the future. the colors are so fab... but I can't walk around with green fingers for a day afterwards.

    1. Hey Beth,
      Oh no! That is very unfortunate. I know what you mean, I had problems with the staining as well, especially with the turquoise shade. Which shades are you having trouble with?
      I noticed that by using a basecoat, I eliminated a lot of the staining on the nails. I didn't have too much staining on my hands as far as I remembered. For this polish, I did use acetone remover. After removal, I also washed my hands with warm water and soap.
      Also I might not have noticed as big of a stain because I immediately played with other nail polishes and removed them. Putting another coat of nail polish not of the same color could help in removal.

      I hope they come out with a better formula to remove these pretty colors when we go to take it off! Let me know if it works for you.

      Good luck!


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