Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mac Heavenly Creature - Star Wonder MSF & Cut a Caper REVIEW and Swatch

Finally got my hands on a couple of the Heavenly Creature collection items :)

MAC Heavenly Creature is a mineral collection that was released on their website June 25th 2012. It will be available in stores on July 5th 2012.

After continuous browsing and back and forth debate, I finally narrowed it down to two items. I think I will need to swatch the rest when they hit stores before I invest in those items.

The two items that I chose are the Mineralize Skinfinish in Star Wonder and the Lipstick in Cut a Caper.
Cut a Caper was repromoted from an earlier collection. The color in the tube does not look a thing like it does on your lips or swatched. See below and give it a try! Star Wonder is a new MAC item.
Cut a Caper: a coral pink lustre. It wears pretty smoothly and looks very nice as a summer color.
Star Wonder: A baked MSF that can be used as a blush, highlighter, or maybe even eyeshadow. It is a plumy pink color with hints of gold shimmer. It isn't glittery like other mineral makeup that MAC offers, which is why I like it so much. Wearing each of the three shades separately also gives your cheeks a different flush of color.

                     Mineralize Skin Finish in Star Wonder (7g, $29.00)         Lipstick in Cut a Caper ($14.50)

Closer look at my Star Wonder MSF. I really like the pattern that I got! 

Swatches on my hand:

Star Wonder swatch from left to right: 
swirl of three colors, swirl of gold and coral, coral, plum, gold

Star Wonder: gold coral (top), all three (bottom)

Star Wonder: gold (top), plum (middle), coral (bottom)

Top: Cut a Caper, Bottom: Star Wonder blend

 Swatches on me:

               bare lips                                                     Cut a Caper 

 Lips: Cut a Caper, Cheeks: Star Wonder (lightly blended)

 Star Wonder- heavy blended

Star Wonder- heavy blended in direct light 

 Star Wonder- lightly blended in direct light

Star Wonder- lightly blended

Star Wonder is so pretty! I really like how you can mix the different shades to get different blend of colors. This MSF has a bit of shimmer to it, but not heavy glitter. I really like how it doesn't make me look like a greaseball! I have oily skin already and I could do without the extra shine. 
Star Wonder can also be built up in color! I got excited and put it on at first with a heavy hand and it looked like I just got border line sunburned. Use a light hand, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. Applied lightly it can look like a rosy blush on a young lady. Applied a little heavier it can look sultry and powerful. It IS indeed very versatile!

Cut a Caper gives my pigmented lips a hint of pink coral. I absolutely love the color. It is so effortlessly pretty. I can see why it was so sought after in previous collections.

Overall: I really enjoy the two products that I chose. Cut a Caper is a summery pink coral with just the right amount of color. The color in the tube looks a lot more neon than it actually is! Star Wonder MSF is a gorgeous blend of gold, coral, plum. The mix of these colors can give your cheeks either a rosy glow or poweful cheekbones.
I am looking forward to swatching the rest of the collection in stores. I plan on picking up a mineralize blush for sure. When I do, I will post the review up here as well. Keep an eye out for that!

Did you purchase any of the MAC Heavenly Creature products? If so, which one? Would you recommend that I purchase it?


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. I swatched some stuff from this collection too yesterday, but Star Wonder was not there! Cut a Caper has been so super popular. I'm glad MAC decided to bring it back!

    1. I must have missed your post on the Heavenly Creature swatches. I will be sure to check it out!


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