Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MAC Casual Colour- Review

I have been dying to share these MAC Casual Colour- Lip and Cheek Colour products with you. After trying them out for a little over a week, I am ready to review! These are MAC's new cream color that can act as a lip balm/lipstick or a blush. They are creamy and fairly matte in finish. I purchased two out of the 8 colors available; check them out below!

 MAC casual colour, 0.43 oz/13mL, $20.00 USD

 MAC casual color in Have a Lovely Day! (left) and Keep it Loose (right)

Have a Lovely Day!: nude/neutral pink 
Keep it Loose: warm peach

a look from the bottom

 A look of the packaging from the front: very similar to the lip tinted conditioners.

 Bare lips

 Keep it Loose in natural lighting

 Keep it Loose under artificial lighting

 Have a Lovely Day! in artificial lighting

MAC casual colour in Have a Lovely Day! on my lips and cheeks. It is hard to capture the tint it gave me on my cheeks. However, I have to say it is a very natural pink and does not look overdone. I applied the
product to my lips and cheeks with my fingers!

Payoff: The color is fairly sheer on first application, but can be built up. My lips are very pigmented, but these lighter shades are able to lighten it to a neutral/nude lip color while making it look natural. You can decide on how pigmented you want your lips to look and adjust the application.

Staying power: Color stayed on my lips and cheeks for about 2-3 hours. Though the sheen seemed to have faded after 3 hours, I noticed when I wiped my lips after 4 hours I still see color on my tissue. In other words, you get a tinted effect from wearing these products. 

For the cheeks I noticed the color stayed for quite a long time (2-3 hours) despite my oily skin. I thought these would have slid off by the first 30 minutes! Though it did not slide, I could feel the tacky feeling on my cheeks if I were to touch my face. I think if you dust a bit of translucent powder over the product, it will get rid of that tacky feeling. I think this product would work very well for people with dry skin. People with oily skin should use with caution. Like I said, my oily skin seemed to do well with it. 

Scent: The scent is like other MAC lip products- sort of a light vanilla scent but quickly disappears after application.

Packaging: The packaging has a domed shape on the top, which makes it hard to stack. I do like that you can see the color through the bottom so you know what color you are grabbing without having to twist off the top. To apply, you can dip your finger or brush into the pot, which is nice. 

Overall I really enjoy this product. I love products with versatility and this is one of them! The color is easy to apply with just your finger and it is easy to carry around in your purse. It doesn't apply well as a blush if you have oily skin, but dusting translucent powder over it gently should help. 

What are your thoughts of this product?


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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