Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chanel Fleur de Lotus Joues Contraste powder blush REVIEW and swatches

As usual, I caved to Chanel's Joues Contraste powder blushes. I told myself that I chose Rose Initiale a month ago and should just be content. However, I keep seeing reviews of it and I couldn't stop thinking about how pretty it looked! Then one morning, I saw an email from Chanel and saw that Fleur de Lotus JC blush was now available online! It was definitely meant to be. This was an Asian exclusive limited edition product from spring 2012 and Nordstroms had it available exclusively for their anniversary sale.  I am glad it is now finally available on!

See below for review and swatches!

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder blush in Fleur de Lotus, 0.14 oz, $43

swatch of Fleur de Lotus

lightly swatched

Fleur de Lotus lightly applied

Fleur de Lotus is a beautiful coral peach color with a hint of sheen. The sheen is very subtle and does not really transfer to the skin. You can apply more blush to get the sheen, but this isn't a blush you have to worry about over applying the color. It is relatively light and can take a few swipes to get color on your cheek. Once on, however, it is the most natural flush of coral peach! I really like the color it puts on my face and how soft the blush is!

Application/texture: This powder blush is more powdery than the other Chanel blushes I own. When I put my brush into the blush, I notice a lot of powdery bits coming out. So apply with caution so as to not waste any product. On the skin, it feels like silk. It is a bit less pigmented than other blushes so I needed to use two application. 
Staying power: This blush lasted 8 hours for me
Scent: A light rose scent. I love rose and so I love this hint of floral fragrance. It does disappear after a few minutes, but if you don't like rose or floral you might want to take caution.

Overall: I love the silky consistency of this blush on the skin. The natural sheen gives the coral peach shade a glowy look. The blush isn't as pigmented as other blushes from Chanel, so you have to build up the color a little to see anything on the cheeks. Girls with darker skin tones might want to try this in stores first as it may not show up on your cheeks. If you don't like rose or floral scents, you might also want to check this out in stores first.

Do you own any of Chanel blushes? What do you think of this LE blush?


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