Saturday, August 4, 2012

Benefit Coralista and Sun Beam mini set at Sephora REVIEW and swatches

Many of you may have heard of Benefit's Coralista blush and many of you probably already own this. For those of you like me who still have not tried this beautiful coral shimmer blush, I wanted to let you know that Sephora is doing a trial set of the blush as well as the Sun Beam highlighter. The two comes in a small box and retails for $12! It is a great opportunity to try both of these products for a small cost. I also found the Coralista blush size great for travels! See below for reviews and swatches.

Coralista blush and Sun Beam, $12,

closer look at Benefit Coralista trial size

Benefit Coralista on my cheeks

The blush came in a soft black plastic container and is somewhat flimsy/fragile. I wouldn't throw this in my purse, but would definitely carry it in a makeup bag for traveling. The blush itself is very soft and contains some shimmers/sheen. It feels a bit sheer, but can definitely be built up. After a few applications on my cheeks, I see a very natural glow. I love peachy pink blushes and this is definitely one right in that alley. However, I wished it was more pigmented. 

Sun Beam on my cheekbones

I didn't use Sun Beam too much since I already have somewhat oliy skin. I felt that using a shimmery highlighter could draw more attention to the shine on my face. When I did apply it to my cheekbones, I see a subtle shine. I do like the effect of this if used properly, but I don't see myself using this often. 

Texture/application of Coralista: It is a fine-milled blush with small shimmers to create a sheen on your cheeks.
Scent: I didn't detect any fragrance
Staying power: It lasted about 6 hour for me

Overall: I really like the peachy pink color of this blush, but I like more matte blushes. I did not find this blush to have a unique color so I think I would just finish this trial size. I would definitely like to see a matte version of this! However, if you do like blushes with sheen, I would give this trial size a go!

Do you own Coralista? What are your thoughts?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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