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Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in Rose Initiale (72) REVIEW and swatches

Chanel cosmetics has always been up to my expectations. After hearing about their Joues Contraste powder blush from other bloggers for a while, I decided to finally get my first JC blush! The blush I decided on was the Rose Initiale. It is a bright pink blush with micro shimmers. The shimmers do not show up on the face at all, but it does a great job of brightening up your cheeks. I was deciding between Rose Initiale and Fleur de Lotus. After swatching it in the stores and having a sales associate put it on my cheeks, I realize Rose Initiale made my cheeks pop and gave my face a brightening effect. Fleur de Lotus was very pretty- it leaned more peach and was a lot more sheer/shimmery.
See below for swatches!
Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in Rose Initiale (72), .21 oz, $43

close up look at Rose Initiale,  you can see the small shimmers

Rose Initiale swatched on my hand.

Chanel JC Rose Initiale on my cheeks. 

I am very pleased with Chanel's Rose Initiale. It is part of their Fall 2012 collection and it is a very lively pink for the fall/autumn season. Nevertheless, I really like the brightness it brings to my face and the light pink color it gives to my cheeks. As I mentioned before, Fleur de Lotus was the other blush I was about to get. Fleur de Lotus is an Asian exclusive and is brought to Nordstrom as a special sale. I decided to pass that up after having both on my face and seeing how nice Rose Initiale looked on me. I would definitely purchase more Chanel Joues Contraste powder blushes in the future after using this one!

Application: It comes with a brush, which I found easy to use. It looks very natural on my cheeks with one application. 
Texture: The powder is very fine-milled and soft. 
Scent: It has a faint rose fragrance, which I love!
Staying power: It lasted on my cheeks for about 8 hours.

Overall: I really enjoy this blush. It is so soft and natural. It brightens my face and gives it a pop of pink! I also love the rose fragrance as I apply it, though it does fade after a while. I would definitely try more Chanel JC blushes in the future!

Do you own any of Chanel's Joues Contraste blushes? 


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