Thursday, August 2, 2012

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection 2012 SWATCHES

UPDATE 8/9/12: see closer swatches and reviews for 5 products from this line here

My local MAC counter had the Cremesheen + Pearl collection out today and I swatched all of the colors I could get my hands on for you girls! It is available in US stores on August 9th 2012 and available internationally in September 2012. These are new, but permanent shades! This collection consists of Cremesheen glass and lipsticks and are relatively light/sheer in color.
You can pre-order yours today, but you won't be able to pick them up till next week in stores.

Cremesheen lipstick is $14.50 listed, but I was charged $15 at my local Macy's.
Cremesheen glass is $19.50
(I did not take a photo of the collection stand so I used one of MAC's ad photos)

I labeled the names of each shade in the picture, but they can be a bit hard to see. Click photo to enlarge.
Cremesheen glass (left to right, top to  bottom): Double happiness, Dynasty at dusk, Imperial light, Paper lantern, Pagoda, Rising Sun (I believe I am missing Floating lotus)

Cremesheen lipstick (left to right, top): Saigon summer, Japanese maple, Coral bliss, Peach blossom 

Cremesheen lipstick (top to bottom): Shanghai spice, Sunny seoul, Pink pearl pop, Pure zen 

Another look at the Cremesheen glass. Click to enlarge!

I think I am going to purchase a few of these to try even though they seem fairly light and sheer. I don't like high maintenance colors on my lips and I feel like these will glide on easily. They felt easy to apply on the back of my hand, but I cannot tell you how they compare to other Cremesheen glass and lipsticks because I haven't tried it on. I will definitely update this post when I get my products next week. 
The names of these products seem to be inspired by Asian themes. I think the names are very cute! 

Since these aren't limited edition, there isn't as big of a need to rush out and grab them. However, I know MAC's permanent line has some very good products, sometimes better than LE, so I would definitely still check these out when you get the chance!

What are your thoughts? Is there one out of the bunch you want to try?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. Yay swatched-up hand! I do that often enough :)

    The only shade I might get is Saigon Summer. My lips are very pigmented, and I'm sure most of these wouldn't make any difference!

    1. I know, the shades are all so sheer! oh and I remember seeing this collection on your blog a couple months back. When I saw these at the store, I was thinking of your blog!


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