Monday, August 13, 2012

OPI Germany Collection 2012 My Very First Knockwurst and German-icure by OPI REVIEW and swatches

So I finally went to Ulta and picked up some of OPI Germany collection's nail polishes last week. I purchased two of the twelve shades and will be swatching and reviewing them below.

My Very First Knockwurst (left), German-icure by OPI (right)

OPI Germany collection, 0.5 fl oz/15mL, $8.50

My Very First Knockwurst is a light nude pink
German-icure by OPI is a deep red brown with gold shimmers

Other shades in the collection from the OPI website (

Two coats of My Very First Knockwurst (MVFK)

More views.

I love nude and muted colors so naturally I have a ton of them in my collection. Right off the bat I thought of Sephora by OPI's Xox Betsey. I swatched the two below. Can you tell which is which?

All are MVFK except the pinky, which is Xox Betsey. 
XOX Betsey actually looks a bit pink when paired with other nudes. I would say because MFVK is quite pink, it makes Xox Betsey look a lot more nude.

German-icure by OPI, two coats

Another look at German-icure by OPI
Can you see the gold shimmer flex underneath? It is very pretty for the Fall!

Both of these shades were easy to work with. MVFK was a little on the thicker side, but that did not cause longer dry time nor made it harder to paint. I love nude colors and I love pink so MVFK was a great color for my collection since I did not have anything like that. German-icure by OPI is a very unique brown red with hints of golden shimmers. I also don't have anything like it and definitely will be wearing this a lot for the fall. In different lights, you can see the German-icure shade change colors a bit!

Application: Two coats created a clean and opaque manicure. Formula is a bit thicker than Essie's nail polishes, but does not make it harder to apply.
Brush: It is wider than Essie and Revlon nail polishes. I have small nails so it was very had to apply OPI nail polishes to my pinky.
Dry time: Similar to other OPI nail polishes, a minute or two.
Staying power: It has stayed on my nails for 3 days now without chipping. I do have a top coat on.

Overall: I really enjoy the different colors in the OPI Fall 2012 Germany collection. The two that I chose were very different, but so pretty for the Fall. I especially love the golden hints of shimmer in German-icure by OPI and the pink-leaning nude shade of My Very First Knockwurst. Staying power and dry time are like other OPI polishes.

What do you think of this collection? See any must-haves?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. Germanicure by OPI is gorgeous :) I love the gold flecks! I am lemming for Dont talk Bach to me, it's a unique color.

    1. Gold flecks makes it so pretty and unique! Don't talk Bach to me is indeed a very unique color! Let me know how you like it!


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