Friday, July 13, 2012

Dior Rouge Serum Luminous Color Lip Treatment in Coral Crystal REVIEW and swatches

Dior has won my heart again with their Rouge Serum Luminous Color Lip Treatment in Coral Crystal. This product isn't new to the Dior line, but I was introduced to it recently by a lady at the Dior counter. I was mainly looking for their Addict lipsticks and glosses, but found I like the texture and staying power of this Rouge Serum a lot better.
Rouge Serum is a lip treatment that delivers color to your lips. It packs in 10x the amount of nutrients than other lip treatment products while giving your lips a very nice color. I personally have very pigmented red lips and most balms or lip care color won't show up. This one, however, did and is a very nice my lips but better shade. 

 Dior Rouge Serum Luminous Color Lip Treatment in Coral Crystal, 0.07oz, $34

Swatch of Coral Crystal 

 Left: my bare lips, Right: Dior Rouge Serum in Coral Crystal

Another look at Coral Crystal. Luminous, natural color!

Coral Crystal is a fun peachy coral that leans a lot more to the coral side. I love coral peach colors and this one not only looks good, but definitely feels very smooth on your lips. I especially love the texture it leaves behind. It doesn't feel sticky, rather it is light and moisturizing. I actually put this on, took a shower, and it is still going strong 5 hours later. My lips still feel very plump and I do not have the need to apply lip balm like I usually do when I apply lipsticks. How amazing is that?

Application: The product is in a tube container that you twist up to apply. It glides on effortlessly! Don't get carried away though, you might over-apply :)
Texture: feels like silk when you rub your lips together. It is light and smooth!
Staying power: My lips feels moisturized AND the color stays for 5-6 hours! I haven't eaten or drank anything during this time, but I have taken a hot shower and it stayed!
Scent: I detected no fragrance in this product.

Overall: I ADORE this product. I can't believe a lip treatment can have such long staying color and moisturization. I did not have to apply lip balm or reapply the product during the 5-6 hours that I had it on! I am definitely going to look into more shades of this in the future and I highly suggest you do too if you want smooth lips with long staying color power! Though not as raved about online, I really do feel that this product should be on your list of things to try if you like natural, light, and long staying lip products that are good for your lips!

Have you tried any of Dior's lip products? Which are your favorites?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. I haven't tried this formula but it looks good! I've really been bitten by the coral bug lately so it's right up my alley!

    1. ooh you should give it a try! I really like how it is light and soft. Let me know what you think!


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