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Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Carina, Bellissima, and Dolce REVIEW and swatches

After seeing Sephora's offer to give one of Stila's Stay All Day liquid lipstick for free with purchase, I tried to place an order asap. Within hours both shades (Dolce and Tesoro) was gone. So when they finally became available on Sephora's website for purchase, I ordered right away to try. There are some pros and cons, which I will list below along with swatches! Hope this will help you decide whether to purchase one for yourself.

 Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in (left to right): Dolce, Bellissima, and Carina
0.1 fl oz/ 3ml, $22

All of Stila's Stay All Day liquid lipsticks have this doe foot applicator that is very flimsy and soft. 

 Bare lips for comparison

Bellissima: a pale neutral pink with a stark white undertone.
The camera is not picking up the brightness of the white undertone, but this shade makes me look like a clown in real life. 

Dolce: A tan nude with faint shimmers 
Perhaps the most wearable shade out of the three that I picked.

Dolce, after drying it becomes a matte shade. Makes you look like a tanned goddess!

 Carina: a vibrant orange red
Like Belissima, this is very bright in person compared to on camera. I don't think I can ever wear this outside.

 Carina, Dolce, and Bellissima swatched on my hand. Left side is shortly after application, right side is a few minutes after application. Note that all shades turn into a matte texture and lines on my hands can be seen. The same goes for the lines on your lips, unfortunately.

This product is interesting. I don't think I have ever encounter such a formula and texture before. When I first applied Bellissma, I applied too much product. The texture is so thin and liquidy that it just smeared all over my lips. It really looked like a disaster! I wanted to wipe it all off and throw away the product immediately. However, to review it truthfully, I had to work with it some more. I started over first by scraping off extra product on the side of the tube and then gently skimming the applicator over my lips. The picture you see above of Bellissma is the result. It still is too bright and clown-like for me to wear it outside.


  • The texture is non-drying, 
  • blends evenly,
  • Applies smoothly
  • Gives great shade/coverage
  • Accentuates lines on your lips
  • Matte, may be good for some people
  • Doesn't dry smooth, cannot rub lips together without tugging
  • Some shades are too bright and clown-looking
  • requires careful application to lips
  • Applicator is flimsy
Seeing how it looks less crazy on camera, I would say these are good shades for photo taking. Since it dries matte, it won't deflect light or get in your hair while you are taking photos or filming. It is relatively low maintenance once on your lips. A gloss can easily fix the matte look if you need it to look more lively. However, the shade does really matter, so choose wisely or it could end up looking very bad on your lips.

Texture: smooth upon application, a little tugging after it dries
Application: use very small portions at first, then build up. It is liquidy so it will apply a lot at once
Scent: smells like butter cream. Reminds me of the NYX lip creams
Staying power: I am sorry I could not wear this out during the day. None of the colors were good for me to wear, but I could say it lasts through several hours. If I blot my lips on a wet napkin, nothing comes off. If I rub the wet napkin on my lips, I can easily take it off. 

Overall: I am not ecstatic about this product. It does give a great color to your lips and is not sheer at all, but I feel that all three shades did not fit me well. I also didn't like the matte finish with the tugging feeling on my lips after it dries. For $22, I don't think I would invest in this product. If I were given Dolce free, I probably would use it every once in a while, but I have better products to spend my money on in the mean time. 

Have you tried any of these shades? What are your thoughts?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. Maybe moisturizing your skin first is better than putting any make-up on.

    1. I do, but unfortunately my skin is finicky :( I think it has gotten better lately. Thanks for the advice though.


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