Monday, July 9, 2012

Duality Nail Pak polish REVIEW and Swatches in Ellen

Hello, Everyone. I am pleased to show you my new nail polish kit. This kit is called Nail Pak and is from a company called Duality. Some of you might have seen this before on the TV show Shark Tank. Duality's Nail Pak is one of the company/ideas that was supported by big business people (aka shark). Anyway, on to the product :)

NailPak in Ellen, 0.8 fl.oz, $15

Ellen is a bright turquoise cream color. It is very appropriate for summer. I swatched it with a few of the popular turquoise nail polishes down below for reference.

 After you twist off the polish bottle, you see an emery board that has "duality" printed on it. You can file or smooth out your nails on this board. Pulling the black tab right above the file, you can see nail polish remover pads underneath. There are 20 of these so that should last you a while. These remover pads are soaked with non-acetone remover so they won't dry out your nail. Push the tab back on and twist on the nail polish and you are back to the original product.

This is a good way to carry everything you need to touch up nails on the go. However, I found myself not bringing this in my purse at all. I don't usually need to touch up nails, and if I ever do, I probably will wait till I get home. This is a good idea for travelers, but I don't think I will be purchasing other Nail Pak products because I find it as easy to bring a file, nail polish, and remover pads with me than bringing this. Since this is on the pricey side, I will stick with the traditional nail polishes unless they come out with a very unique color.

Dry time/Application: Overall dry time was fairly fast. It was similar to the dry time of Wet n Wild and Zoya nail polishes.

Pigmentation: What you see below is one coat. I think that covers well enough, however, a second coat would definitely make it pristine.

Thumb: China Glaze For Audrey
Index: Duality Ellen
Middle: Wet n Wild I need a Refresh-mint
Ring: Zoya Bevin

These are all with one coat. I think most of them could use a second coat. The colors all seem a little different- WnW I need a Refresh-mint looks almost identical to China Glaze For Audrey. It seems Ellen is a bit brighter than those two. Bevin is the deepest color of all. 

I am sure there is a dupe out there for Ellen. I couldn't find all of my turquoise/teal nail polishes for this swatch, but I am almost positive I have one similar. For that reason, I would not say you need this polish set. However, if you really do like being able to throw one polish that has remover pads and nail file easily in your bag in one piece, I would say check out the other colors Duality offers. 

Overall: The Duality Ellen polish applied easily and dried quickly. It contains more nail polish than a usual polish from other brands. It is convenient that nail polish, file, and remover pads are in one piece, but for $15 a pop I am willing to throw those items in a small makeup bag for on the go. However, if you do happen to travel a lot or find a shade that you love from this brand, it might be worth checking out!

What are your thoughts of this polish set? Would you be interested in it? 


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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