Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream REVIEW and swatches

I have heard a lot about BB creams from USA cosmetic brands in the past few months and it has made me want to compare it to Asian BB creams. Though BB creams have been around a long time in the Asian markets, those aren't as easy to get a hold of. I decided to finally try some readily available BB creams in the States and landed on Maybelline's Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB cream.

 Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium sheer tint, 30ml/1 fl. oz, $8.99

There were a few reasons why I decided to try Maybelline's versus L'oreal or Garnier or other brands.

  1. They have sample testers at Walgreens and CVS for you to test your shade! 
  2. The tube has a safety seal inside (see below) to prevent tampering with. I hate it when I feel like someone has tried the product!
  3. SPF 30! L'oreal Youth code has spf 15, L'oreal nude magique has spf 12, and Garnier skin renew has spf 12. None of which feels enough to me.
  4. It isn't gritty. I have heard that L'oreal's Nude Magique bb cream has a gritty texture. 
  5.  This last point isn't extremely important (for your skin, that is), but the color and print is the cutest of all brands out there.

Safety seal covering the product, yay! 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in Medium sheer tint (left)
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in No. 21 (right)
As you can see, Maybelline's formula is very watery compared to the Asian brand Missha. Maybelline's coverage is definitely very light to barely any difference due to its watery consistency. See below for before and after coverage.

I tried to show you a blemish I had on my chin area (eww). On the left is before application of Maybelline BB cream. On the right is after application. I don't really notice a big difference on the blemish itself, but surrounding areas that had slight discoloration seems to have evened out a little.

 After 10 hours of wear:
As you can see, the blemish spot is still visible, but there was no sliding of the product on my face even after 10 hours. With the Missha BB cream, I would see sliding of product and also blotchiness if I left it untouched for 10 hours. I have combination skin and oily t-zone so Maybelline seems to have done okay on my face.

Fragrance: No detectable fragrance.
Application: Very easy. The consistency is very watery and blends right into your skin.
Coverage: Very light. Hardly any coverage; simply blur out slight discolorations.

Overall: If you have pretty good skin (i.e. slight discoloration), this product would help keep your skin moisturized and nice. It doesn't seem to slide around on my oily/combination skin even after 10 hours! However, if you have blemishes, you will definitely have to use concealer to cover up. The BB cream can still act as a good moisturizer before you apply makeup since it has spf 30, but don't expect a foundation product. The lack of fragrance is good for anyone with a strong nose or sensitive skin. Products without fragrance seem to be less irritating. In the end you will have to try it for your own skin because everyone is a little different, but I hope I helped in picking which to try!

Do you own Maybelline's BB cream? Do you own other BB creams? Which do you prefer?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. I love this stuff! I use to for daily sun protection, rather than coverage. (So a concealer dotted on a few areas does the trick.)
    Unlike a lot of these creams, it has no silicone, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, etc., and my skin appreciates that! I get breakouts and milia from too much of that stuff.
    Yes, I love that it's fragrance free, and another big plus is the mineral sunscreen. Very good for my sensitive skin. No stinging. This old gal is very happy to have such an affordable, kind-to-skin product.

    1. I am really loving it for sun protection as well. It is just so light! There is currently a coupon for $1 off Maybelline face product:

      Just in case you want a backup!

  2. This tinted moisturizer (I'm not even gonna call it a BB cream, it has zero skin beneficial ingredients) claims to have SPF 30, and of course people believe it because it says so. But, it only contains 1.15% Titanium dioxide! That's it. I have moisturizers that contain 5% Titanium dioxide that are only SPF 20 or 25!!! The SPF 30 claim is a complete lie. I do, however actually really like this as a tinted moisturizer, it's just a shame that they had to lie and they assume the idiot consumers will just buy it. Sadly, for the most part, they are right, most people don't know much about ingredients or SPF, which is good for Maybelline!

    1. Hey Christi,
      Thanks for mentioning about the spf30/1.15% titanium dioxide. I don't know how to calculate spf based on the % of TiO2 or other sunscreen ingredients, but I looked at other products that I have with spf and they have higher amounts than 1.15%. I guess that is why it doesn't leave a whitish color when I put it on my face. I wish Maybelline can clarify that!

      I do, however, use BE's mineral veil on my face on top of my moisturizers and that contains spf 25 (14.4% TiO2). Hopefully that makes up for the small amount in Maybelline's bb cream.

  3. This is a very detailed review that I've been searching for all this time. Thanks for sharing with us your review. I will wait for your another bb cream reviews. Best wishes!

  4. I love it so much....I don't get what everyone is talking about they hate it. I think people are so used to higher ends products that when trying a drugstore product it doesn't cut it for them.

    1. Wykesha, thanks for your comment. I am glad you like it. It is quite a light product and not used for full coverage. If that is understood, it is really a nice light product.


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