Thursday, August 9, 2012

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl REVIEW and swatches of Imperial light, Peach blossom, Pure Zen, Coral Bliss, and Shanghai Spice

So I finally got my goodies from the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl collection. This collection has names that are very Asian-themed. I purchased 5 products to share with you. To see the full collection swatched, click here.

Left to right: Coral Bliss, Peach Blossom, Shanghai Spice, Pure Zen 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick, 3g/0.1 oz, $15 

left to right:  Coral Bliss, Peach Blossom, Shanghai Spice, Pure Zen 

Coral Bliss: A creamy coral with a hint of pink
Peach Blossom: A pink with a hint of peach, pretty nude. Reminds me of Cut a Caper
Shanghai Spice: a beige nude with a hint of pink
Pure Zen: A light nude pink

The lipsticks from this collection is rather sheer. If you have pigmented lips like I do, you probably won't see too much of a difference in the shades.

Bare lips for comparison

 Coral Bliss

 Peach Blossom

Shanghai Spice 

Pure Zen 

 I purchased one of MAC Cremesheen Glass in Imperial Light
2.7g/0.09 oz, $19.50

 Imperial light is a sheer peachy coral with gold shimmers.

Imperial Light 

A comparison of Cut a Caper and Peach Blossom:
Left to right: Cut a Caper, Peach Blossom

As you can see, the two are fairly similar. In fact, in different angles they look almost the same. Cut a Caper is slightly more pink, but it is barely noticeable on the lips. 

I layered Buxom's White Russian over MAC Pure Zen for a milky pink lip.

This collection consists of all lip products: Cremesheen glass and lipsticks. I really like the texture of these products. They are very smooth and glide on very silky. When I rub my lips together, it feels soft like I have lip butter on. The color is the downside. For a lipstick, I expect to see more pigmentation. I can understand that the gloss is sheer, but lipsticks tend to be more pigmented. Because my lips are quite pigmented, I didn't notice too much difference in color among these 4 lipstick shades. Pure Zen did stand out by lightening my lips slightly to create a rose pink color. I really like that look. The other three just looks like MLBB (my lips but better). I don't think I would invest in the other shades because it doesn't seem to do anything for color and I could use my chapstick for moisture.
I must say that these feel a lot smoother than other MAC lipsticks that I own. Even after 3-4 hours of wear, my lips did not feel dry. I can't say they were moisturized, but they certainly didn't flake out like other MAC lipsticks that I own. These do a great job of not settling into lip lines; even Pure Zen didn't. I expected to see a nude like Pure Zen to settle really badly, but it went on my lips quite naturally.
The Cremesheen glass in Imperial Light wasn't very pigmented, but it did leave my lips looking more red with bits of shimmer. Texture of the glass wasn't sticky and sat very smoothly on my lips.

Application/texture: Applied very smoothly and felt like butter when I rubbed my lips together. I needed several applications in order to get enough pigmentation.
Staying power: I get about 3 hours without wiping my lips, eating, or drinking.
Scent: This contains the usual MAC vanilla scent in their lip products.

Overall: I really like the texture and feel of these lip products. They feel very smooth and look natural. However, they do have less pigmentation than other lipsticks from MAC so most of these shades are just a MLBB shade. I do like Pure Zen as it lightens my pigmented red lips a tinge to give it a rosy pink color. I wouldn't purchase these shades if you want heavy pigmentation, but if you love a tint of color without drying of your lips, I would give these a try!

Do you have your eyes set on any of these shades? What do you think of sheer lipsticks?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

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