Friday, August 24, 2012

MAC styleseeker Supercontinental blush swatches and REVIEW

I don't think I have ever heard a sales associate be so adamant on a product before when I ask for her opinion. They always shy away and try to get your input on the item first then suggest accordingly. At my recent visit to a MAC counter in Macy's, I was deciding between MAC's StyleSeeker collection blushes in Hidden Treasure and Supercontinental. Hidden Treasure is a rich burnt red color and is very pigmented with a touch of shimmer. Supercontinental is a cute pink color with a sheen finish. Both are gorgeous in my book.

As I stood there swatching and contemplating, the SA came over to ask if I needed some help. I explained to her my indecisiveness on the two blushes. Right away she points to Supercontinental blush and says " That one." Her answer was as fast as reflex. I just started laughing and asked her why. That's when she brought my attention to the beautiful sheen and the unique shade of Supercontinental. Swatched lightly, it seems like a peachy sheen color. Slightly heavier and you can see the fun pink color pop out. I was amazed. Not only was it without shimmers or glitter, but this color can be built up and vary in color? It isn't just a lighter version of a color, but it is completely a different color. She also showed me that the Hidden Treasure shade would be too dark on my cheeks and would look like someone had punched me in the face. I was sold and here is my review and swatch of Supercontinental powder blush. Enjoy!

MAC Supercontinental powder blush, 6g/0.21 oz, $20

A close look at Supercontinental

Lightly swatched (left), heavily swatched (right)
You can sort of see a blended out version on the top of the hand.
The lightly swatched is a bit peachy pink while the heavier swatched is a pop of pink (not bright as neon, but definitely stands out)

Bare cheeks for comparison

Supercontinental lightly applied

Application/texture: Although a powder blush, I found it very smooth to apply. It did not flake or look chalky on my skin. It was easy to blend out as well. I didn't notice the sheen too much, but it does give my cheeks a subtle glow.
Staying power: It lasted 8 hours and started fading after 9 hours
Scent: no detected scent

Overall: I love the versatility of this blush! Not only can it be built up or blended down, it also has a very different shade when done so. You really have to give this a try in person because my swatches can't capture it down to the dot. It is an extremely pretty and unique pink/peach shade and the sheen does not enhance my pores. I loveee it. The sales associate at MAC told me they do not have anything like this blush in their collection! Grab it while it lasts. I went to the MAC counter on the first day of the release (8/23/12) and the counter only had 3 left! You can also get this at

Do you have anything from this collection? What are your thoughts on different shaded blushes?


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion. 


  1. This collection is coming out in Belgium in September I believe, and I TOTALLY have my heart set on Supercontinental! It's incredibly gorgeous on you! I'm glad the SA had a good eye and you listened to her!

    1. Aww thanks, Sunny! You definitely need to give Supercontinental a try! September is coming up, I'm excited for you :)


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