Monday, October 29, 2012

Revlon Holiday 2012 Just Add Sparkle Brilliant Bordeaux and Midnight Sparkle nail polishes REVIEW and swatches

Strolling through Rite Aid today, I found a limited edition display of Revlon's Holiday 2012 collection: Just Add Sparkle. It looks so sparkly and pretty, I just had to pick up something. I pondered for a few minutes and finally decided on the two nail polishes: Brilliant Bordeaux and Midnight Sparkle. See below for swatches!

Revlon's Midnight Sparkle and Brilliant Bordeaux, 0.5 fl oz, $4.99

There are a lot of sparkly products in this display such as lipglosses and eyeshadow quads.

Friday, October 26, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Stolen Moment and In the Limelight polish REVIEW and swatches

I am a big sucker for turquoise or pastel nail colors and MAC has found my weakness. In the holiday 2012 collection, they came out with a pale green pastel nail polish called In the Limelight. I am also a big fan of taupe eyeshadows and of course had to snatch up the Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Stolen Moment. Both of these can be used any time of the year, but this time of the year is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to them both. For more review and swatches of other items in this collection: Easy Manner and Small Vanity blushes, Fabulousness Smokey Eye Kit.

MAC Glamour Daze EDES Stolen Moment, In the Limelight nail polish
.04 oz $19, .34 oz $17.50

A closer look at Stolen Moment. How pretty is that design!

MAC Glamour Daze Small Vanity and Easy Manner Blush REVIEW and swatches Holiday 2012

MAC has come up with some cute pink shades for blushes this Holiday and I wanted to show you the two I got. There are a total of three blushes in this collection- Small Vanity, Easy Manner, and I'm the One (not shown). All of them are a version of pink. These are limited edition so be sure to check your MAC counter asap if you are interested! For other reviews and swatches in this holiday collection, check my blog or see it here: Smokey Eye Kit, Stolen Moment eyeshadow and In the Limelight polish.

MAC Glamour Daze Easy Manner (left) and Small Vanity (right)
.21 oz each, $22

MAC Fabulousness Eye Kits Holiday 2012 Smokey Palette REVIEW and Swatches

The MAC holiday collection this year is so adorable! Everything is so plush and bows and I just fell head over heels for it. One of the items I had to have was the Eye Kits. This eye kit comes in a satin cover with a shiny black trim. Inside, there are 5 different eyeshadows and a eyeshadow brush. There is also a tiny mirror when you open up the magnetic box. For more reviews and swatches on other items in this collection: Stolen Moment eyeshadow and In the Limelight polishEasy Manner and Small Vanity blushes.

Smokey Eye Kit, .14 oz, $39.50

Saturday, October 20, 2012

L'Oreal Diamond Collection So Chic Nail polish REVIEW and swatches

L'Oreal came out with Limited Edition nail polishes and make up in their Diamond Collection. This collection includes a lot of new shades and very pretty colors for the upcoming holiday. I managed to control myself and only pick up one item, so far. It is the nail polish color in So Chic. I feel in love with the color as soon as I saw it and I wanted to share it with you all. See below!

L'Oreal Diamond Collection- So Chic, .39 fl oz, $6.50

This polish is a very beige pink color with large silver shimmers. The shimmers are very fine and do not appear to be glittery. Though from afar, you can see a bit of shine from them. This polish leans more to the beige color and works very well as a nude shade for my skin tone (NC30-35). I really like the simply color of this, I can wear it to work with no problems. This is also a great color for a pick-me-up as it will polish up your look without going overboard. And as with most nudes, it will also go with any colors in your outfit!

L'Oreal So Chic

Staying Power: With a top coat, I get about 3-4 days of good wear without chipping. After day 5, I see chipping on the tips.

Overall: I really like this color and love that it is so versatile. I can wear this any time in the year and it can give a powerful but tone down look to my outfit. 

What do you think of this type of nude polish? 


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Essie Holiday 2012 Leading Lady, Where's My Chauffeur, and Butler Please nail polish REVIEW and swatches

Essie has release their Holiday 2012 nail polish collection: Leading Lady. I found the set at my local Target, though some of them still have not received shipment yet. If you haven't seen it, don't give up! There are 5 shades in this collection: Leading Lady, Butler Please, Where's my Chauffeur, She's Pampered, Snap Happy, Beyond Cozy. I will review Leading Lady, Butler Please, and Where's My Chauffeur below.

Essie Leading Lady, Butler Please, Where's My Chauffeur, .46 fl oz, $8
Target, Macy's, Ulta

Wet n Wild Holiday 2012 Where's the Party At? Shimmer the Night Away palette REVIEW and swatches

Wet n Wild released some Holiday 2012 8-pan eyeshadow palettes. I found them at my local CVS a week ago and saw that it was on their own special display stand. There were a total of three palettes: Shimmer the Night Away, Sparkle 'Til Morning, and Drinking a Glass of Shine. Since these are limited edition, I wanted to swatch them for you ASAP! Below is the Shimmer the Night Away. I also swatched Sparkle 'Til Morning here.

Shimmer the Night Away, $4.99, 8.5g

Wet n Wild Holiday 2012 Where's the Party At? Sparkle 'Til Morning palette REVIEW and Swatches

Wet n Wild released some Holiday 2012 8-pan eyeshadow palettes. I found them at my local CVS a week ago and saw that it was on their own special display stand. There were a total of three palettes: Shimmer the Night Away, Sparkle 'Til Morning, and Drinking a Glass of Shine. Since these are limited edition, I wanted to swatch them for you ASAP! Below is the Sparkle 'Til Morning palette. I also swatched Shimmer the Night Away here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleek Makeup Au Natural eyeshadow palette, pride pout polish, coral blush REVIEW and swatches

Since Sleek Makeup isn't sold in US stores, I ordered mine on Sleek's website directly. I received these three products a little over a month ago and I just say the shipping was reasonable in terms of time and is great on cost. Today I will review the Au Natural Eyeshadow palette, the Pout polish in Pride, and the powder blush in Coral.

First off, the eyeshadow palette.
top to bottom, left to right: 
nougat, nubuck, cappaccino, honeycomb, toast, taupe, conker, moss, bark, mineral earth, regal, noir

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sephora Give Me Some Lip set Fall 2012 REVIEW and swatches

I actually purchased this Give Me Some Lip Set from Sephora a month or so back, but haven't posted a review or swatches on it because it was sold out. Then I found out it was available in store and recently available again online. I rushed to do this swatch and review for you guys so you can take advantage of this cool offer.
Sephora Give Me Some Lip Set sampler, $25

Sephora comes out with "sets" every year near the holidays and they usually consists of small samples of perfume, lip products, mascara, cheek and face products, etc. This year, the lip set included some of my favorite products as well as ones I have been meaning to try. So of course I grabbed this one first chance I got.
Inside there are two full sized products!

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 swatches

To my surprise, my MAC counter has already put out the new Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 collection. These were only the individual products, the sets have yet to be put out. Nevertheless, the colors in this collection is amazing! I had a few swatches on my hand and wanted to show you asap. If you are really into this collection, go and preorder yours at a MAC counter today! These release October 25th and could be sold out before then. I heard the brush sets are very, very popular.

Since this was all in the store, the swatches aren't the best, but I hope this will give you a general idea of what to expect!
3 of the 5 Lipsticks
left to right: Beauty (pale cool pink shimmer), Innocence (soft coral), Glamourdaze (midtone creamy plum)

powder blushes $22, left to right: Easy Manner (light dirty peach), Small Vanity (dusty rose tan), I'm the one (midtone blue pink)

lipglasses, left to right:
Talk softly to me (light creamy coral pink), 
Pink fade (light creamy pink), 
Deliciously demure (soft cool brown with pearl), 
Impossibly sweet (sheer soft pink with mulit dimensional pearl)

Final swatch of the Extra dimension eyeshadow, $19.50:
all shades swatched around the hand. 
Stolen Moment – dark taupe (at top right)
A Natural Flirt – soft peachy nude (middle row, left)
Ready to Party – pale lilac (middle row, middle)
Divine Blue – midtone aqua (middle row, right)
Stylish Merry – midtone dusty violet (bottom row, left)
Round Midnight – dark burgundy (bottom row, middle)
Tall Dark and Handsome – black with pearl (bottom row, right)
Evening Grey – steel silver (not shown)

I personally fell in love with Stolen Moment Extra Dimension Eyeshadow. It is such a pretty dark taupe color. I could see myself using it for crease, eyeshadow, and even lining my lash line. It is very soft and finely milled. I also purchased two blushes: Easy Manner and Small Vanity. I was intrigued by the tan-ish color of Small Vanity and I am a sucker for pinky peach blushes like Easy Manner. These are both satin blushes. I also purchased an eyeshadow set that comes with the cute button bow packaging ($39.50). And since I have heard so much about MAC brushes but never actually owned any myself, I gave in to the travel essential brush set (pink) since it was only $49.50.

There were 4 fluidlines: Catch my eye (cool taupe grey), Little black bow (charcoal with pearl), Feminine edge (pink mauve with dazzle pearl), and didn't catch the last one!

I have preordered a bunch of these items so be sure to check back next week for review and detailed swatches!


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All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Carried Away With Tarte- Collector's Set and Adventurer Bag REVIEW and swatches

I finally got Tarte's Carried Away- Tarte Collector's Set and Adventurer Bag in the mail a couple days ago and I am so so soooo excited to share with you all! It is in such a pretty packaging, the gold and violet and magenta just blends so well together and creates this really expensive look. I personally would have loved to get this for the holidays as a gift. There is even a place on the box that says "To and From" so you can gift it to whomever! There is so much in this set so let's get going with the pictures!
Carried Away with Tarte Collector's Set and Adventurer Bag, $54, Sephora

The first thing I noticed was the humongous rolled up fabric wrap with a cute snap button closure in the front. This rolled up "scroll" like packing is so cute. When you unbutton the tie, you can see the tri-fold inside. On the left side is the 8 mini Maracuja lipglosses in a plastic container so to be held in place. However, once you remove it from the plastic mold, you can freely toss the lipglosses around and maybe even put some of your other favorite lipglosses in here when you travel. In the middle section is the mirror. How convenient is that?? I love how they included it because I would most likely use this set during travel and there isn't always a mirror when and where you need it. Behind the mirror, you can slide out the treasure- the eyeshadows! There are 24 FULL sized Amazonian clay eyeshadows and they are all extremely pigmented! And on the right side is another zip pocket with a plastic mold that includes a lights, camera, lashes! 4-in-1 mascara; an Amazonian clay finishing powder; and an Amazonian clay 12-hour lush in Adventurous. And I almost forgot, there is a blushing beauty domed blush brush wedged in between the middle and right tri-fold. The brush is very soft and feels great on your cheeks!

On to the swatches. Warning: there are a ton of swatches!

First we have the eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are separated into quads and each quad seems to work well with each other. The shades can obviously be mixed and used with other quads, but it seems like the suggested colors work well with each other. I mainly notice shimmers, but I also see a few mattes. There are even a couple of glittery ones in there. I don't know if I would use those glittery ones, but I will most certainly use the rest of them. They all feel velvety smooth and all swatches below are done with just one swipe.
I will be swatching them from top left to bottom right.

Monday, October 8, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Legendary and The Perfect Cheek blush comparisons, REVIEW and swatches

I finally got my blushes from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection. It has been sold out on MAC's website and so I knew the only way to get my hands on them was to order through Nordstrom/Macy's website. I just got it in the mail today and I figured I would show you the swatches. I also compared the two blushes with other ones in my collection that I thought looked the most similar. Hopefully this will help you to look for one that is similar if you were not able to buy one before they sold out! Macy's and Nordstrom's websites were sold out of the blushes and many other items the day it was available, unfortunately.

I purchased both of the blushes that were in the Marilyn Monroe collection: Legendary and The Perfect Cheek. The Perfect Cheek was a repromote and Legendary was new. Both were limited editions and overwhelmingly popular.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A England Nail polish in Iseult REVIEW and Swatches

A couple months back, I purchased two nail polishes from a company in the UK called A-England. A-England has a few dozen of nail polishes and they are all very medieval themed. Names like King Arthur or Excalibur pop into mind. The two that I purchased were very ladylike and mellow: Iseult (a shimmering baby pink) and Morgan Le Fay (A clear glittery shimmer). Both are absolutely gorgeous and I have swatches of Iseult to show you today.

A-England Iseult, 0.4 fl oz, ~$14