Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sole Society 50% off sale + 20% off with this link!

I love Sole Society. There isn't a pair of shoes that I got from them that I didn't like. Quality is good, comfort is amazing, and style is up to date. Most of all, it isn't too expensive and they offer free shipping there and back. Recently, they have an end of season sale and all selected items are 50% off! I just got a pair of suede wedge boots for $45! See below!
Valentina Boots in Bittersweet

If you do not have an account with Sole Society, do not despair. I have a link here that will give you 20% off your first purchase. Sole Society 20% off. Shop away before your favorite is sold out!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Essie Spring 2013 Madison Ave-Hue collection: Go Ginza and Maximillian Strasse-her REVIEW and swatches

Essie came out with their newest collection: Madison Ave-Hue for Spring 2013. This collection contains bright as well as classic colors. They are perfect for the spring/summer. This collection has 6 shades in it and ranges across the color spectrum. I will review only two of them here, but check out the others if you are interested in more bright colors!

Essie Madison Ave-Hue Spring 2013 collection
left to right:
Madison Ave-Hue, Avenue maintain, Maximillian Strasse-her, Go Ginza
not shown:
Hip Anema- bright orange red cream
Bonding with Whoever- light lilac cream

Essie Maximillian Strasse-her and Go Ginza
0.46 fl oz, $8

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dior Pink Champagne Collection: Tutu 155, twinset duo, lip sparkle, and nude shimmer

Exclusively at Neiman Marcus, you will find the Pink Champagne collection by Dior. This collection includes a long awaited Tutu (155) nail polish. Tutu was released with the Cherie Bow collection a month back, but was not available in the USA. The light powder pink polish is now available, but only at Neiman Marcus under the Pink Champagne collection. If you have been waiting for Tutu, get it now online at Neiman Marcus or call your local NM for more details. It retails for $24.

photo from nm website

In this Pink Champagne collection is also a twin set duo, a nude shimmer compact, and a lip sparkle. The other nail polish in this collection is Golden Light (207), also known as Lumiere or Golden Era. This polish was released in Fall 2012 in the Golden Jungle collection. As far as I know, all the other ones are new products. 

I have already purchased Tutu and will put swatches here soon.
UPDATE February 20th 2013

So I got Tutu in the mail and wanted to show you some swatches.
Dior Tutu 155, $24

A flat brush. Similar to other Dior polishes, this one is no different. The brush is wider and allows for faster application. There is a slight tip at the middle of the brush that allows you go get the harder to reach areas.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Flatter Me Pearlmatte, Girl Next Door Lipstick, Betty Bright Lipstick, and Cream Soda blush swatches

I finally got my MAC Archie's Girl collection items in the mail and at the store. I only got a few items and I was going to share it with you in case you want to still purchase the items that remain in stores or online. I got the brush set, which is already sold out online. I believe it is only sold online so I won't even show that here. The other items I purchased are Flatter Me Pearlmatte, Girl Next Door lipstick, Betty Bright lipstick, and Cream Soda blush. I guess I am a Betty! All the items I purchased were from her. I tend to like lighter and more natural shades so it is no wonder I leaned towards Betty. Anyway, see below for the swatches!

First off: MAC Archie's Girls Flatter Me Pearlmatte
Flatter Me PM comes with a mirror and a coral peach shimmer base. Coral peach base is Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.
The hearts are made of a bright coral blush: Foolish Me powder blush.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pacifica Natural Color Quench Liptint in Blood Orange REVIEW and swatches

I love the smell of fruits in my lotions and lip balms. The first time I purchased Pacifica's lotion and lip balm from Sephora, it was a very tasty Tahitian Vanilla scent. The set came with a lotion and a lipbalm. I really liked the scent, but what really caught my attention was the fact that it is paraben-free. Ever since then I have been keeping an eye out for that brand and perhaps new scents. Recently, Target started selling the brand Pacifica, which consists of roll-on perfumes, lotions, body sprays, face wash, bb cream, blushes, lip tints, eyeshadows, etc. The collection ranges from about $10 to $30. Not too bad of a price if you ask me. The fact that this Pacifica collection is even bigger than the one sold at Sephora and that Target is waaay more accessible for me, the temptation is just too much. I have purchased the liptint in Blood Orange from Target and will review it here.

Pacifica Liptint in Blood Orange, $6.99
The liptint comes in a pretty box container and has a cap on one end and a twist up on the other.

The color of this liptint looks very ruby golden red in the tube, but the actual color isn't this dark and pigmented. The liptint is more sheer and gives your lips just a hint of red color and sheen. Of course, if your lips are very light you will see a much bigger difference. For me, it shows up just a little bit of red.

Swatch of Pacifica liptint in Blood Orange

Application: As you can see, Blood Orange is very sheer orange red. The golden shimmers that is in the tube doesn't seem to translate upon application. 
Scent: Smells like an orange!
Moisture/lasting power: I had quite dry lips when I applied this to my lips and it soothed it right away. The moisture lasts for about 4-5 hours without drinking or eating.

Overall: I like the moisture and the tint you get from this Pacifica Liptint. For $6.99, you get the fairly good lasting moisture and some color on your lips. If you are looking for a lipstick, you won't find the pigment here. However, if you have light to medium colored lips and want a little bit of color, you might want to look into this product! The scent is just wonderful.

What are your thoughts? Are you willing to try this brand?


All products shown here have been paid with my own money and have been given my honest review. Please do not steal material. If you would like to share these images or review, please link and list this blog for reference!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey nail polishes: A Butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender REVIEW and swatches, Dupe for Pink Yet Lavender!

I finally got to Ulta to pick up a few things, two of which are the OPI Mariah Carey nail polishes in A Butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender. This collection from OPI is very special in that it contains a unique texture nail polish. I did not purchase any of these unique textures because I personally did not like the feel of them. The texture that I am referring to is the liquid sand- a gritty and almost natural rock feeling on your nail. I personally like the shiny and smooth finishes so I won't be reviewing those here. The two you are about to see are very girly and cute! I hope you enjoy these.

OPI A Butterfly Moment and Pink Yet Lavender, 0.5 fl oz, $9

OPI A Butterfly Moment
Closeup so you can see the shimmers that floats in the nail polish
This is a very pinked nude shade. I really like how it looks nude but has a sheen kick to it! Very elegant and simple.

OPI Pink Yet Lavender
Closeup so you can see the hexagon rose gold glitters and the multi-shimmers
I really like the rose gold glitters! The multi-colored shimmers help with the spaced out rose gold glitters.

Top: A Butterfly Moment, Bottom: Pink Yet Lavender
Two coats of each

A mix of both: two coats of ABM and one coat of PYL on top
I personally love the combination of these two polishes. It creates a very subtle look but with a shimmering effect. It is very classy but outstand-ish.

Comparison and Dupe!
So right off the bat, I knew Pink Yet Lavender looked familar. Sure enough, as soon as I brought it home I realized why. It looks identical to Wet n Wild's Jewelry Heist! I am swatching it below for you to see.

Can you tell which is which? The one on the left (index) is Wnw and the one on the right is OPI PYL
There is only a slight difference in the polish. Both have the rose gold hexagon glitter, but WnW has the lapis blue small glitters whereas OPI has a multi-colored glitters. It really doesn't make a big difference especially since you will be wearing these over some sort of base color anyway. However, if prices are the same I would probably go with OPI PYL because I like the multi-color shimmer it gives off. Because WnW's nail polish only costs $1.99, a fraction of the price of $9...I have to say I would pick WnW. Both polishes have a good texture, staying power, and dry time.

Application: OPI has a wide brush but not as wide as the Dior brushes or WnW polishes. The application was easy and quick. The thicker brush allows for more application and less time. Yet the brush head was easy to navigate to paint inside the lines. The polishes were very smooth and easy to apply. It was thick, but dried within a few seconds. 
Dry time: Within 30 seconds.
Staying power: A manicure with both nail polishes lasted 5 days with minor tip wear, without a top coat. I used the Pink Yet Lavender as my top coat. With an additional top coat, I think it can last 5 days with no wear.

Overall: I really love these two nail polishes. The colors are amazing and last a while. I love the elegant look of the pink nude with sheen! I am bummed that Pink Yet Lavender was so identical to WnW Jewelry Heist! Because that, I don't think PYL is a must have, especially if you have WnW Jewelry Heist. Even if you don't have WnW's JH, go purchase that one instead because it costs a fraction of the price!

What are your thoughts of this collection? Any of the colors interest you?


All products shown here have been paid with my own money and have been given my honest review. Please do not steal material. If you would like to share these images or review, please link and list this blog for reference!