Friday, May 10, 2013

Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape REVIEW and swatches

I have wanted to try a "gelee" blush for a while now and I am glad Josie Maran came out with a product. If there is a brand that I trust to have healthy but effective products I would say it is Josie Maran's. I love her argan oil infused products! Gelee is a mixture of gel, powder, and cream products so it would give a light, natural, and nice feeling on your cheeks. I purchased the shade Pink Escape. See below for review and swatches!

Josie Maran Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape, $22

Pink Escape
Don't let the bright red color scare you. It does not look like that swatched out.

Dior Jelly Pen in Gaia 656 REVIEW and swatches

Everyone and their mothers seem to be making these lip pencil/crayons/markers etc. products and I can see why. The idea of a pencil/crayon/marker indicates an easy way to apply color. In fact, they were so easy you used to use them as a kid on papers, white boards, walls?? Now you can use it on your lips. This idea carries over as a convenient way for someone to throw in their purse and apply without having to fuss over it too much. The twist up feature on some of these lip pen products also makes it easier to obtain more product on the go.

Dior has recently jumped onto this trend with their new Jelly Pens. Jelly pens are like all the other lip pen/pencils/crayons out there in that there is a easy to remove cap and a twist up. The product itself is tinted and is meant for color purposes, though a lot of brands claim moisturizing capabilities as well. Let's take a look at one of three colors: Gaia.

Dior Jelly Pen in Gaia, $26

The tip of the Jelly pen looks exactly like a jumbo crayon!

Korres Greek Yoghurt Lip Cooler in Peach REVIEW and swatches

I LOVE Korres lip butter in the jar. It is so moisturizing for me but not heavy. It also gives a perfect hint of color without making dry parts of your lips look flaky. The only downside is it is in a pot...which means I can't really take it with me during the day and apply with my fingers. I don't know where my fingers have been so I don't feel comfortable applying products with them (not to mention contaminating the pot). I have tried the lipgloss in a tube, but those just did not bring the same moisture that the lip butters in a pot did. So when Korres released the lip coolers in a tube with a rolling tip applicator, I was interested to try. These new lip coolers are meant to be moisturizing rather than colorful. The pigment itself isn't out of the park, but it definitely gives a nice glow-y look to your lips. I purchased the Peach shade so scroll down to check it out.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Lip Cooler in Peach, $19

The tip of the doe foot like applicator has a hidden metal ball. Applying it to your lips and massaging it around melts the product in your lips as well as give them a tingling sensation!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss in Orange Blossom Honey and Natural Honey REVIEW and swatches

As I was strolling through Ulta the other day, I noticed the Khroma Beauty display was bogo 50% off. I took this chance to try the Honey Stick Lipglosses. I have heard a few good things about them so I wanted to test them out myself.
These lipglosses are very sleek and long and look very sturdy and elegant. They reminded me of (what a surprise...) honey sticks. Remember going to the fair or carnival where there were local honey "mom and pop" stands? They sell jars of honey as well as these plastic straw tubes of golden goodness. I remember I used to love snacking on some honey sticks in different flavors. These lipglosses are honey infused so I am very excited. Now I am not saying I will start snacking on these lipglosses (I hope not!) but they sure do bring a good feeling. Anyway, I selected two shades and reviewed them below. Check it out!

Khroma Beauty Honey Sticks, $8.99

Khroma Beauty Honey Sticks in Natural Beauty and Orange Blossom Honey

Friday, May 3, 2013

Covergirl Lipsticks Smoochies in Smooch REVIEW and swatches

Covergirl came out with a new lipstick lip balm combination called the Smoochies. Smoochies come in a few colors and are all with a clear cap and colorful twist bottom. The product seems sturdy and great for the summer.
Covergirl Smoochies in Smooch, 4g/.14oz, $4.99

Smooch is a mauve pink with glitters