Saturday, December 21, 2013

Revlon Cheek Boutique powder blushes in Racy Rose, Wine Not, and Highlighter Rose Glow REVIEW and swatches

Finally spotted these new Revlon blushes and highlighters at my local CVS! I was so happy to see this and so happy to not see that they are limited edition. Revlon has had powder blushes before, but I believe in only two shades. I am glad to see this range being expanded and am really excited to try out the quality. They also decided to include two powder highlighters. These highlighter blushes remind me of MAC's msf natural. They give some color but also a brightening effect. See below for swatches and review of the three items I picked up.
Revlon Cheek Boutique display (what a cute name!)

There are 6 different powder blushes, 1 cream blush, and two highlighters.
powder blushes $9.99, highlighter 11.99

The two powder blushes that caught my eye are Racy Rose and Wine Not. Racy Rose seems to be a brightening baby pink with a slight sheen. Wine Not is a deep burgundy red that seems more matte. 
I also picked up one of the highlighters in Rose Glow. It has two different shades of pink and a few shades of beige pink shimmer.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Maybelline Master Glaze blush stick in Just Pinched Pink, Master Hi-light in Mauve REVIEW and swatches

A few days ago, I saw the new Maybelline display at my local CVS. I picked up a couple items because they seemed intriguing. They both happened to be blushes, but with different textures. These do not seem like they are limited edition so they should shortly be showing up at the regular Maybelline racks at your local drugstores. One of the blushes is a blush stick in Just-pinched pink and the other is a powder highlighting blush in Mauve. See below for swatches and reviews.

Maybelline master glaze blush stick in Just-pinched pink, $9.99
Maybelline Master hi-light in Mauve, $9.99

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Covergirl LipPerfection jumbo gloss balm in Cotton Candy twist, Blush twist, and Cupcake twist REVIEW and swatches

I recently spotted a new display in CVS that contained the Covergirl Bombshell mascaras, a few jumbo gloss balms, and nail polishes. I have purchased waaaay too many nail polishes recently and have hardly used enough of them. They are literally just sitting there waiting for me to use them for the first time. So for that reason, I will only allow myself to try the other products in this display (...good reason, imho...). I have used the jumbo gloss balms before. I purchased Blush Twist a while back and did a review on it. I did like it a lot and decided to give these new shades a try. Note that these jumbo gloss balms do not say limited edition but rather "new" so I am guessing they will be part of the permanent display soon. I also purchased the Bombshell Volume mascara to try. It looked quite intriguing. The tube is huge! I will try to review this soon in a separate blogpost.

Now, on to the Covergirl jumbo gloss balms. I purchased two new shades- Cotton Candy twist and Cupcake twist. I compared these two to the the Blush twist I already have in my collection.

Upon first look, the packaging looks exactly the same. Because I only had one gloss balm until now, I never really needed to look at the name or shade. I knew it was just Blush twist. However, now that I have two new ones in my collection, I really have to take a good look. Covergirl does a good job making the caps look different. However, they do not do a good job in labeling it with the name. As soon as you tear off the plastic that wraps the gloss balm, you only see the number on the bottom of the stick. The number, not name, remains and makes it difficult to remember. On the plus side, it is nice that the gloss balms are individually wrapped in plastic to avoid people using it in the stores. The plastic is rather hard to remove so be patient on that aspect.
The applicator is a pencil tip with a twist up mechanism. It doesn't sharpen after the initial point has flattened out, but you can still get it on your lips quite easily without a mirror.