Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lancome All-over Face Palette x Jason Wu REVIEW and swatches

Macy's recently had a sale on some of their Lancome products and it was a good one. During regular sale times, Lancome products usually get discounted by 20%. Sephora's Friend and Family, VIB rouge/VIB sales, Lancome's own sales, and probably a few more out there usually go up to about 20% off. Granted Macy's did not allow you to choose the Lancome product, the ones that did go on sale were 30%+ off. I purchased two items and would like to share with you. One of them is the All-over Face Palette x Jason Wu.

First thing that caught my eye with this palette is the gorgeous print. It is a sleek black snake skin printed clutch with a gold clasp. The closure is magnetic and you open up to a mirror and palette.

Lancome x Jason Wu palette, $60
The palette is slim and not too heavy, but fells sturdy enough to be traveled with. Each of the eyeshadows, blush, and bronzer are a good size. The range in color wasn't too big, but you can definitely create many looks for many occasions with the ones given.
It does not come with a brush, which is a good or bad thing for some of you.

limited edition palette
fresh face: gritty, very glittery champagne silver
honey dew: metallic light green
night vision: metallic lilac lavender

barely there: gunmetal gray with shimmer
green goddess: slightly metallic bronze deep green
nighthawk: grape purple

sheer amorose: mauve matte pink
solaire: bronzer with just a hint of sheen

gold bar: barely there shimmer
barely bronzed: very shiny bronze
filigree: pale shimmer

ebony essence: matte black
dewy glow: opal sheen
nymph: stark white

Texture/application: Most of them applied very easily with the exception of Fresh Face, Gold Bar, and Filigree. These required more than a couple swipes to get the product to stay/show up on my skin. Also, Fresh Face was gritty to the touch and just felt like it would be full of fall out.
Scent: None detected.
Staying power: These stayed about 5 hours on my oily lids, but could stay 8 hours if I wore the right primer.
Overall: I really like the design of this palette. However, I wish it came with more varied colors. A lot of the shades on the right side of this palette were so similar that I could do without some of them. I love the blush a lot...the matte but bright/lively shade is a match for me. This blush isn't limited to this palette, thankfully.
I can see how if you don't have a lot of these colors or just want something travel friendly, this would be the palette to get. I got mine for $36 during the Macy's sale, which made it a steal! However, if you could get it for 20% off msrp price it would be pretty awesome too. Personally, I already have a lot of these shades so I think I could have passed, but definitely play with the colors to see if you like it!

Lancome Belle de Teint in 04 teint de miel REVIEW and swatch

Macy's recently had a sale on some of their Lancome products and it was a good one. During regular sale times, Lancome products usually get discounted by 20%. Sephora's Friend and Family, VIB rouge/VIB sales, Lancome's own sales, and probably a few more out there usually go up to about 20% off. Granted Macy's did not allow you to choose the Lancome product, the ones that did go on sale were 30%+ off. I purchased two items and would like to share with you. One of them is the Belle de Teint in Teint de Miel 04.

Belle de Teint is a bronzing powder that has micro shimmers that puts a subtle glow on your face for healthy looking skin. The shimmer is so subtle that you won't even notice the sheen, but it does give your face a lift. Not only does it bronze your skin a little, it also blurs imperfection with the micro shimmers. On my swatch, you can barely tell that I have it on my hand. If you would like to use it to contour, I would suggest going much deeper than your skintone. For me, I decided to get one closer to my skintone to use it as an overall powder with a hint of color.

Lancome Belle de Teint 04, $42.50, free brush

Application/texture: This powder compact was very smooth to the touch. Upon product pick-up with the provided brush, I noticed a lot of powder kick up. Not that it created a cloud of bronzer, but it did leave a lot of powder residue behind. Nothing too messy though. On the skin, it was very easy to blend and apply.
Staying power: This lasted about 8 hours or so. I noticed some shine on my face after 7 hours.
Scent: none detected.
Finish: I didn't notice any shimmer on my face. I would say the finish is matte. On my skin, I noticed it did blur a lot of the redness I had near my cheeks. It also got rid of some of the pores near my nose.
Overall: For a retail price of $42.50, I would say this product might be a bit high-priced. However, if you could get the 20% off discount from the above-mentioned locations, I would say it is a good buy. I personally snatched it up for $26! I would definitely say it is worth it. This product is a good all-over-the-face powder that adds a slight hint of color while blurring your imperfections. It is easy to use and it feels sturdy to bring around. I would recommend!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tarte Holidaze At First Blush set REVIEW and swatches

So I believe it is time to stop the no-buy for cosmetics. Holiday season is finally here and there are a lot of very pretty and great value kits! Today I have one from Tarte! It is the Holidaze collection featuring a set of 4 blushes. To my knowledge, these aren't on the permanent list of blushes so if any of these jump out at you, go grab them. Limited edition stuff are always very hard to get your hands on once they sell out., $35

Each swatches is done with 2 swipes. 
Ecstatic - pink coral with a matte satin finish
Epic - medium pink matte satin
Embellish - wine red with hints of shimmer
Entertain - light pink matte

All of these shades held out very well with them lasting about 9 hours each. Unlike other larger sized Tarte blushes, these do not come with a mirror and are a bit smaller. These are 0.05 oz each while regular size is .2 oz at $28. Though smaller, the container felt just as sturdy as the full size.

Texture/application: Very smooth to apply and blends easily. There are hardly any shimmer in most of them so it is very easy to create nice color without emphasis on pores.
Scent: None detected
Lasting power: This lasted 9 hours before fading.
Overall: I definitely would recommend this set if you love Tarte blushes. These are great for travel because let's face it, who actually uses up all of the blush on a vacation? For $35, this set is a steal and has limited edition shades! This is also a great intro set as you get many shades for the price of one and half regular blush!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chanel Le Vernis Rose Fusion 757 and Lame Rouge Noir top coat nail polish REVIEW and swatches

Taking a quick break from my beauty-no-buy, I stopped by a Chanel boutique on my recent San Francisco visit and purchased two nail polishes. I hadn't planned to purchase a nail polish, but after swatching it in stores I fell in love with Rose Fusion and Lame Rouge Noir top coat.

Chanel Le Vernis Rose Fusion 757 and Lame Rouge Noir top coat, $27 each
Rose Fusion 757 is a metallic pink champagne shade. I would say it looks quite like bronzy rose gold. It is quite opaque in one coat, but looks great with two especially in certain lights. Above, I have two coats of Rose Fusion with one coat of Lame top coat.
Lame Rouge Noir top coat is a clear coat with a hint of red/burgundy shade. Then there is very subtle shimmers and larger flecks of gold.

When Lame Rouge Noir is placed on top of the Rose Fusion polish, it lends a slightly redder tone to the polish. The gold flecks are also subtly present on the nail. 

Application/texture: Rose Fusion was opaque after one coat and was very easy to apply. No streaking despite being metallic as long as you carefully paint your nails in similar directional strides. Despite having flecks of gold, it does not feel gritty.
Lasting power: It was great for 5 days before minor chips occur on the tip of nail.
Overall: I really love these two shades. Rose Fusion is very pretty and easy to apply. Lame Rouge Noir top coat is a versatile top coat and creates very pretty combination with your existing polishes. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

OOTD - last days of summer

By the time this post goes up, it would have been Fall already. I did, however, wear this outfit right before summer ended. It was my last attempt to soak up whatever sun was out there before daylight savings begin. Sorry to be MIA for so long. It isn't that I forgot about this blog, but rather my NEW makeup purchase and usage have decreased drastically. Earlier in the summer, I went on a no-buy to try and use up what I currently have. You do tend to run out of space if you try new products left and right. During that time, I realized that I don't use a lot of the previously tried or coveted items much anymore. I have a few staples and then a few special products that I use. Everything else is just sitting there, looking pretty. I felt inclined to explain why makeup reviews haven't been popping up more often. Anyway, I have seen some pretty interesting holiday kits/products out so I might do a cosmetic review really soon.
In the mean time, I have an OOTD! Hope you enjoy :)

Dress - Merona Seersucker (on sale for less than $9!)
Belt - Anthropologie navy beaded belt
Bag - Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury double zip shopper (similar)
Sunnies - Toms Kitty sunglasses (similar)

I personally ordered my sunnies from my optometry office because I needed prescription. It is much easier if you don't need prescription or have contacts :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Burberry Runway Icons box REVIEW and swatches!

As promised, I am reviewing the Burberry Runway Icons beauty box that I purchased from Sephora a few weeks back. I had been meaning to put this review up sooner, but life outside of blogging happened. Anyway, I am very excited to share my thoughts on this with you today because I have had some time to try it and I really like it. I tried to document as much of the box and contents as I could. See below! (By the way, as I mentioned in the previous post, I had a feeling this box will sell out fast. Sure enough, it did. Hopefully, Sephora will replenish the stocks. Otherwise, they also have these in regular sizes.)

Burberry Runway Icons,, $32
The inside of the box has a semi-transparent paper that lists the items inside.
Underneath this paper is a very neatly arranged set of 4 items: 
* A kabuki brush rolled up in a black velvet cover
* A square compact of contour powder and a mirror
* A small bottle of luminous liquid
 * a small tube of red lipstick

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NOTD: Ciate Iced Frappe nails

It might be that Autumn is right around the corner, but I have a very strong gravitational pull towards lavender greige shades lately. That color craving happens to include nail polish so I found Ciate's Iced Frappe to wear. Iced Frappe is a very neutral tone shade that has hints of lavender and grey and beige all mixed into one. It is a great color to not be boring but also office appropriate. 

Ciate Iced Frappe (2 coats), Sally Hansen top coat (1 coat)
Sephora, $8
Texture/application: Since I got the mini sized version, the application was actually kind of tough. With such a small handle, it didn't give me much control. The polish itself was very smooth and applied quite opaque. 
Lasting power: This lasted 4 days without chipping on me. I washed dishes, cooked, and did the usual lab stuff at work. 
Finish: It wasn't sparkly, but also wasn't matte.

Overall: I really like this shade. Though it feels Autumn appropriate, I would wear this all throughout the year. The polish consistency is great and I think a full size handle might solve the application hiccup. The lasting power was great as well.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fresh Sugar nourishing lip balm advance therapy REVIEW and swatches

Fresh Sugar released a new lip product called the Nourishing Lip Balm Advance Therapy. Sephora had this available for VIB to try early. Being a fan of Fresh Sugar's lip balm, I was very excited to see that this looked similar to the Dior lip balm. Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

One swipe of the lip balm onto the back of the hand does not give that much color. It is mainly a balm to save your lips from dryness than adding color. I do really like the nude pink color, but none of that is translated to the lips. It is a peppermint-y balm and you can definitely feel some tingling.

texture/application: This product requires application with your fingers. It is in a thin jar and is malleable under touch. Upon applying to lips, it glided on smoothly and I was able to rub my lips together without stickiness.
scent: peppermint
lasting power: about 3-4 hours
moisturizing: it is very moisturizing, I really like how this saved my lips from dryness
overall: I love the scent of this and the tingling sensation. It is very easy to apply and keeps your lips supple and nice. It is a potted item, which means you need to use your hands. It may not be a good product to use during a long day out because your hands will likely get dirty at some point. However, it is a great bedside item!

Burberry Beauty Box from Sephora!

Exclusive to VIB Rouges at Sephora, you can now get the Burberry Beauty Box for just $32! If you are like me and have been wanting to try Burberry beauty items, this is a great intro price to try them. I am not sure how long it will last so check it out now.

The beauty box includes:
- 0.17 oz Fresh Glow Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01 
- 0.035 oz Burberry Kisses in Military Red No. 109 
- 0.08 oz Light Glow Contouring Powder Face & Eyes in Earthy Blush No. 07 
- Mini Kabuki Brush 

I just ordered mine in the mail so I hope to play and review it soon! I wanted to get this news out there in case it sells out. Sephora has an excellent return policy so if you purchase and don't like it you can always return it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Lipgloss in pink-a-boo (30) and tickled pink (40) REVIEW and swatches

I LOVEEEE Maybelline's Baby Lips. Their lip balms are so cute, affordable, and smells great. These are great for everyday use and guess what just made my day better? I found the Baby Lips lipgloss! These appear to be permanent and also come in an array of color and finishes. I have purchased two shades so keep reading to get my take on them.

Maybelline Baby Lips lipgloss, $3.99, Target

Pink-a-boo is a cream finish. It appears to be a light baby pink in the bottle, but on my hand and lips it only gives off a shine. This would be great for a natural look or over lipstick.
Ticked pink is a medium pink cream. On my hand and lips, it doesn't have too much color, but does better than Pink-a-boo.

Have I already mentioned that I really like these? At less than $4, these are a steal! They are a great compact lipgloss that you can put almost anywhere and there is something for everyone. Personally, I don't like shimmers too much, so I am glad they have a cream version. They have jelly, cream, and shimmer finishes to choose from. The scent isn't too strong, but I would say if you are extremely sensitive, these might give you a headache. 
They aren't super moisturizing, but they do a good job if you just need a little somethin' somethin'. They held up on my lips quite well considering them to be a lipgloss. I still felt the gloss on my lips about 3 hours in if I don't eat or drink anything.

Texture/application: Very smooth and gentle. This was easy to apply with the doe foot applicator and rubs nicely into your lips. The texture isn't sticky at all. It feels slightly cushiony.
Scent: This has a slight floral but sweet scent. Reminds me of candy, but a little more floral like. It doesn't linger for too long, however.
Staying power: This lasted 3 hours+ on me if I do not eat or drink anything.
Pigmentation: Though it didn't show up on me well, these are after all two of the lightest shades and I have very pigmented lips. I think if I were to pick a shade darker, they would show up.
Overall: At $4 a pop, these are great little lipglosses to stash in your bag, jeans, car, desk, pockets, and pretty much anywhere. They do come in different colors and finishes and the two that I try apply very nicely. Being a lipgloss, these were able to last 3+ hours on my lips without being sticky. I would definitely recommend!

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach REVIEW and swatches

I met up with one of my followers last week when she was visiting the area. I love it when I catch up with viewers and share make up tips. The lovely Vanessa not only kept me posted on beauty news in Asia, but also brought me a few goodies. One of the things she was able to bring me was the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach. I really love the shade of this product so I couldn't wait to try it.
At first glance, the Baby Lips Candy Wow (BLCW) is a twist-up lip pencil. Being in the Baby Lips line, I expected this product to be very moisturizing and good to my lips. Unfortunately, I didn't find this to be the case. Unlike my recent review of the Maybelline Baby Lips Lipgloss, this one was not moisturizing at all and actually accentuated dry patches on my lips. Granted, it is the summer and I am more often parched now than before, I still find it hard to wear this product. This is sort of why I waited so long to review it. I tried every other possible way to get this product to work because I love the color, look, and packaging.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Peach, Taiwan/Hong Kong

Peach is a slightly sheen but matte peach shade. I would say it even has a little pastel tone behind it. Above, I am wearing 2 swipes of product on my lips. I also had to add some clear balm on top to make the lips less dry looking. On my hand, it is 2 swipes of product.

I tried wearing this just on its own and it was very drying. It settled into lip lines and also brought out dry patches on my lips. Some balm prior or after application helped it a lot. However, carrying an extra balm would make this product less effective.

Application/texture: This was extremely smooth to apply. It glided onto my hands and lips with no effort at all. The rubbing of my lips together to spread the product was when I first noticed the dry feeling. There was no cushion and it made my lips feel dry and flaky.
Staying power: This lasted about 1-2 hours without eating or drinking.
Scent: This smelled like fruity yogurt. It smelled nice and like something I could eat, but without being too sweet.
Moisturizing: None whatsoever. Not only was this not moisturizing, it was actively drying.
Overall: I really wanted to like this product. Not only is it convenient, smells good, and has a very cute color, it also glides on very easily. Unfortunately, despite my trying it out I found it too drying and needed additional lipgloss or lip balm before and after to keep my lips feeling good. Perhaps other shades in this line will be better, but in the mean time I wouldn't fly to Asia to get my hands on this right away. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in espresso REVIEW and swatches

Maybelline recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary and released several eye products, which their brand was known for back in the days. I picked up two items: Unstoppable eyeliner (reviewed below) and the Kajal Eye Kohl (reviewed at this page).

Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Espresso, $9 CVS

Espresso appears more black than brown, but it is a very pigmented shade. There is no sharpener included so you are expected to just use the tip to line your eyes. As you can see, depending on how you angle the pencil, you can get a thick or thin line. The product does not break easily but does glide right onto my hand and on my lash line.

Texture/application: This was very easy to apply. With little force, product lined my hand and my eyes very easily. 
Scent: None detected.
Staying power: This lasted me 7-8 hours on my lash line. I did eventually get some light smudging, but that sort of added to the smokey look. It wasn't overly smudging so it was okay.
Overall: I like this eyeliner. It is lightweight, thin, but powerful. It lasts the whole day and is very easy to apply. I like that it can withstand my oily lids and does not separate like some other eyeliners do. I wouldn't say this is budge-proof, but it does do pretty well especially for under $10.

Maybelline Kajal Eye kohl REVIEW and swatches

Maybelline recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary and released several eye products, which their brand was known for back in the days. I picked up two items: Kajal Eye Kohl (reviewed below) and the Unstoppable eye liner (reviewed at this page).

Maybelline Kajal, $8.99 CVS

The Kajal was very dark and pigmented. It is advertised to be waterproof and have an easy glide. It glided on very smoothly and blended very well. Though it was easy to apply, it wasn't easy to maintain. Shortly after application, I noticed bleeding and also transfer to my upper eyelids. 

Texture/application: I found this to be very easy to apply and easy to blend out. It didn't tug at all. Though the product is very stiff, it needed hardly any to no pressure to apply.
Scent: None detected.
Staying power: By about 3 hours in, I noticed the product has transferred from my top lash line to the bottom and bled down. I also noticed transfer to the top of the eyelid area. 
Overall: Though it was very pigmented and easy to apply, I couldn't get this to stay. I don't know if it was just because of my oily eyelids, but if it is advertised to be waterproof I expected it to stay put longer than 3 hours. This might be okay if you don't have oily lids, but if you do I would steer clear of this.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Plum REVIEW and swatches

I recently really had the urge to try a color eyeshadow crayon/pen and picked up the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick at my local Sephora.
There were tons of colors to pick from and I chose the plum shade. This product was advertised to have transfer-proof and crease-resistance properties while being very blendable and rich in color. The name 'caviar' really had me feeling this would be a luxurious product so I gave it a shot!

The plum shade appears to be more brown than expected. It isn't shimmery, but also didn't lack dimension.
$28, Sephora

Texture/application: This color stick was very easy to apply. It glided on my hand seamlessly and barely needed any pressure to have the swatch result above.
Scent: none.
Lasting power: This didn't really last on my oily lids. Though advertised to be transfer-proof and crease-resistant, I got both of these problems within 2-3 hours after application.
Pigmentation/blendability: Very blendable with no tugging. Pigment is very strong and pretty.
Overall: Though I really like the pigmentation and its ability to blend, I can't really find myself picking this up to wear if it smudges and creases. Unless you have dry lids, I would probably either skip or be prepared to wear some makeup fixing solution.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm, Cremes in Caramel Cream REVIEW and swatches

I strolled by CVS to grab some essentials for a trip and came across some new shades of gloss balms from Covergirl. These pencil applicators are great for on-the-go trips since they are twist-ups. If they were to slightly melt, it can't get too far with the cap.

There are a bunch of different shades, but I chose Caramel Cream (the only one missing in the photo below).

Covergirl Jumbo Gloss balm creams, CVS, $9.50

Caramel Cream is a matte nude pink with a white undertone. Because of the white undertone, this shade could wash some skintones out. I found that these shades also tend to look most streaky and it did go into my liplines a little. With a lot of balm beforehand or with a gloss on top, it will undo this problem. However, if you were to do that, it defeats the purpose of this balm and gloss combo.

Texture/application: I really like how smooth it glides onto your lips. It also easily can be moved around on the lips if you were to smack them.
Coverage: This has pretty good coverage. I wouldn't say full, but isn't sheer.
Scent: None really. Maybe the traditional lipstick scent, but very light.
Moisturziation: Didn't feel like this gave me enough moisture. Perhaps it is really hot today, but I felt my lips still parched.
Lasting power: This lasted about 2 hours and needed reapplication for color and 1 hour for hydration.
Overall: Though convenient in a twist-up tube, I found this shade pretty but not for me. It landed in my liplines and also showed some streaking. Also, I didn't find it too hydrating for my lips. I would use this only for touch ups, but if I want a really nice hydrating balm, I would grab something else first.

Have you seen these shades?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Awakening Rose 10 swatches and REVIEW

Milani once again released some rose powder blushes. Rose powder blushes have been released 2 other times and I believe they have all been new shades. Some of them became permanent blushes, but these 3 are limited edition and new so far. I picked up one for myself to review below. If I pick up the other two, I will definitely review them here. In the mean time, enjoy Awakening Rose (10)!

I have always loved Milani's blushes and I have collected nearly all of their limited edition Rose powder blushes. I didn't want to miss out on this collection so I picked up one to play with. From some online photos, these blushes appear to be shimmery. I don't like shimmery/glittery blushes, hence why I only picked up one shade.

Milani Awakening Rose powder blush, $9.99, CVS

Awakening Rose is one of three limited edition blushes. It is a mauvey nude pink shade and is for the most part not shimmery. Shimmers appear on the pan, but it is not transferred to the skin. 
Another note is that though the individual packages do not say limited edition, the display they are on does. 

Application/texture: Awakening Rose kicked up some powder when I rubbed my finger to pick up some product. On the skin, it blended very nicely and smoothly. Nice even coat and no powdery look.
Scent: None detected.
Finish: It appears matte on the skin even though it has some shimmers on the pan.
Lasting power: I have slightly oily combination skin and this lasted a good 8 hours before disappearing.
Overall: The Awakening Rose blush is very smooth to apply and I love that I could use it as a contour because of the mauvy brown shade it is. It isn't too bright and can be used for more subtle color. I especially was relieved to see that it is mainly matte on the skin because I don't like shimmery or glittery blushes. I might go back for the other two shades to try now that this one appeared matte.

What are your thoughts? Will you be grabbing some of these?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chanel Le Vernis Beige Rose 655 swatches and REVIEW

Chanel came out with a few new nail polish colors and one of them was Beige Rose (655). In the bottle, Beige Rose looked like your typical nude pink opaque polish. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being more brightening on the nails. The brightening feature makes it more appropriate to be in the Summer collection. See below for some swatches and my opinion on this polish.

Chanel Beige Rose (655) le vernis, $27

Beige Rose is a peachy nude shade with a brightening pink finish. It isn't shimmery or glittery, but it does brighten my skin somehow!

Application/Texture: I do have to admit the application for this polish was not the easiest I have worked with before. It required 3 coats to become opaque without streakiness. Compared to some of the other Chanel shades or Dior shades I have, this is just mediocre. Texture is smooth and nice. 
Lasting power: This lasted 3 days with top coat before I saw my first chip. The major chip happened on the 5th day.
Overall: I do really love this shade. It isn't just a plain peachy pink nude. It also brightens the skin without shimmer or glitters. The cost and the not-perfect application makes it not one of my favorite nail polishes, but I still see myself reaching for it especially when going to the beach or simply wearing sandals.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Milani Bronzer XL REVIEW and swatch

Milani released a Dolci Bronze collection and I have just posted a review on one of their Bella Eyes Dolci eyeshadows here. This is the second item that I got from the collection and I am loving it. I love the natural looking contoured look. However, the bronzer you use have to be matte to create the correct 'shadow' look. There have been times where I get a bronzer and realize it is shimmery or has a sheen. The Bronze XL from Milani is matte and what I like even more from the palette is that the 'highlight' shade is also not shimmery. It is a lighter version and creates a 'light' area without shimmer. That is my favorite type of highlight. A lot of highlighters can be very shimmery and those shimmers eventually migrate to different parts of your face.

Milani Bronzer XL, CVS, $9.99

The Bronzer XL is definitely an extra large size. Unlike most other bronzer I own, this one is by far the larger of the lot. In my hand, it fills up my palm and slightly more. You definitely get your money's worth here. Like I mentioned above, this Bronzer XL is a matte finish. Even the hightlight gives just a matte version of highlight. The highlight pigment is lighter and brighter and replaces the shimmer/glitter a lot of other contour palette uses. The highlighter in this palette actually makes it different than the other contour palettes I already own. The matte finish highlighter is what really wowed me. Before I swatched the highlighter I thought this was just another contour palette. I am glad to say this is now one of my favorites!

Texture/application: The texture is very soft and not powdery at all for either the bronzer or highlight. When applied, it also glided smoothly and did not tug.
Staying power: It lasted 7 hours without setting spray.
Scent: None detected
Finish: Matte. Even the highlight is not shimmery.
Overall: I really love that this set of contour powder is matte finish. I think those are the ones that help create the shadows and highlights the best! The chances of magnifying pores are also not an issue since there are not shimmers or glitters. If you want a good contour palette, one that lasts a long time, and is budget-friendly, I would definitely check out this palette!

Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadow in Dolci 31 REVIEW and swatches

It has been a while since my last post and I am glad I finally found some time to show you a few of my newest beauty items. Truth is, my boyfriend and I adopted a dog recently and since neither of us had a dog before we have been high strung and learning a lot these past few weeks. Now that things have settled down a little bit, I can spare an hour with some blog posts :)

Milani has released a summer collection called Dolci Bronze. None of the items here are listed as Limited Edition so I want to say they will stick around after the launch. However, looking at the Bella Eyes section of the permanent display, I noticed that it only went up to #30. Dolci is #31 so I wonder if they will have a different display case to include this one.

Milani Dolci Bronze collection, CVS, $4.99
The display above does not show the eyeshadow because I grabbed the last one. I guess I could have left it there for the photo first. 

Dolci is a metallic finish and perfectly resembles the summer. It's hot-sand look mixed with some shimmer reminds me a lot of hot sun shone on the beach. Though metallic, it still glides onto the skin well and isn't all glitter.

Texture/application: The texture reminds me of all the other Bella Eyes eyeshadow. Satiny smooth and easy to pick up. It applies also very smoothly with little to no fallout and has an easy stream of pigment.
Lasting power: About 6 hours without primer.
Scent: None.
Overall: This eyeshadow is a dream to use. It's intense copper mixed with a gleam of shine makes it an excellent eyeshadow shade for the summer. If you love the bronze goddess look, I would definitely recommend!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Rose Peche 80 REVIEW and swatches

A friend of mine who also happens to be a makeup fanatic asked me about a month ago whether I wanted anything from Japan. She was going there for vacation and was kind enough to offer to pick up something for me. At the time I was in my 'no buy' period and definitely made an exception for this. I had been eyeing the Chanel Blush Duo in Tweed Rose Peche (#80) and had already given up on it because I saw it was a Japan exclusive. Well the opportunity came and I asked her to look for me. Originally, she told me it was not yet on sale during the time she was there. I was bummed, but told myself I didn't need it. Then on the last day she found it at the duty free store! (OMGOSH thank you so much!)
I guess it was meant to be :)

Chanel Blush Duo in Tweed Rose Peche 80, $46

Chanel has released Tweed blushes in the past and they came in different shades. Peche #80 has not been released before and is limited edition and exclusive to Japan.
Tweed Rose Peche #80 is a coral pink. There is a layer of shimmer over spray and also a tweed like pattern on top. The blush underneath the top layer is just regular blush, no pattern or shimmer. It sort of makes me not want to use it in order to preserve the pattern!

Swatches of Tweed Rose Peche 80

This blush is so pretty! I love the shade. It has a brightening look without being able to be too over done. Above, the right swatch on my hand is done with 5-6 passes of blush, and still it can't be layered too heavily. It seems like the blush is just light enough to prevent people from looking like a clown. The container is the usual black mirrored plastic and comes with a brush inside. Unlike the other USA blushes, I found this one to be more powdery and 'loose'.

Application/Texture: Very smooth and easy to apply. Easy to blend. However, the powder is more loose and even soft touches to the product whips up a lot of powder that goes flying if not careful.
Scent: None detected. Most of the Chanel blushes I have all have a rose scent. This one doesn't. 
Staying power: Stayed about 8 hours.
Finish: The finish is matte with a brightening look. Besides the top layer of shimmer, there isn't any in the blush.
Overall: I really love the look of the tweed blush - it is so gorgeous. I also really like the brightening coral pink. It gives me a brightened blushed look as if I had been in the sun and got slight tan. For those of you who do not like the rose scent of Chanel blushes, you should look into this one! Unfortunately, it is limited edition and exclusive to Japan. If you are looking into getting one, check ebay. I was able to find one circulating. This is one of my favorite Chanel blushes, but due to the pattern being so pretty I really don't want to disturb it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ardency Inn Punker Mascara REVIEW and swatches

I  have heard good things about the Ardency Inn Punker Mascara due to it's waxy lash curling mechanism. The wax allows easy hold on your lashes so they do not feel crunchy. The wax also allows more coats of mascara to be applied on top to give a false lash look without too much clumping. I was sold. False lashes aren't my thing...I have a hard time with them. So this alternative would prove to be amazing if I could get it to work for me.
I got this during the Sephora love sale where I got 15% off my purchases. 

Ardency Inn Punker Mascara, $24, Sephora

The rich black mascara did coat my lashes and made them visible when compared to my bare lashes. However, the size of the brush was much too large for my short lashes. I kept feeling like I was going to poke my eyes out. 

I was able to get the first coat on pretty well and looking very natural. The second coat proved to be more difficult as the brush made it hard to see where I was going and I wanted to make sure to coat everything evenly. This is where I felt clumping started. It did give me a more false-lash look, but I'm afraid not to my liking. The clumps were not even...there would be one at the tip of one lash and not the others. It looked a bit messy, quite frankly.

Texture/application: I thought the texture of the mascara was very soft and easy on the lashes. I was able to rub my eyes without feeling it scratch me or smearing the mascara. The application was difficult due to the size of the brush. I had a hard time knowing where to start and stop.
Scent: none detected.
Lasting power: It lasted about 12 hours without smudging and flaking. Pretty powerful stuff for not being waterproof.
Removal: It was extremely easy. I used my bioderma and it came right off!
Overall: Though not the easiest to apply, it did feel very nice on the lashes. It lasted all day and was extremely easy to remove given that it held on for 12 hours. The brush didn't work for me when I tried to put two coats. The clumps were in the wrong area and made my lashes look messy. However, if you have longer lashes, this application step might be easier for you.

Have you tried this mascara?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Nude REVIEW and swatches

I have been on a 'no buy' for makeup items just because I knew I had waaaay too much. I have decided to look at my stash and only make necessary exceptions. That is mainly why you haven't seen me blog lately...because I don't have any new finds to share. However, if you ever get in a video watching mood rather than reading, go and check out my youtube channel here. That channel is mainly for reviews of handbags and other monthly boxes that I get. I find reviews for handbags easier when I can show you all the angles. Anywayyy, back to today's review.
I broke the 'no buy' for Sephora's VIB love sale. I got a 15% off my entire purchase over the course of about 1.5 weeks. I got a few things, but I also tried very hard to not go overboard. One such item was the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Nude. I have the Rose version and I loved it. I justified this purchase because I felt it was more of a necessity since my lips have been dried.

Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Nude, $22

Very similar to the Rose version, the Nude version has the same sweet fresh scent and also was moisturizing. The tube is made of metal and the twist up action did not only apply to the balm product but also the cap. Instead of a pop cap, this screws open, which made it more sturdy. I have had the mishap of my chapstick popping open in my purse before! The shade is a bit lighter than the Rose shade, but it could lighten my lips if I apply enough of the product.

Application/texture: This melts into the lips upon touch and easily spreads. It isn't buttery, but still very easy to apply. When you rub your lips together, you can feel something there but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky.
Staying power: This lasted 3 hours before I needed to reapply. With eating or drinking, the reapplication is even faster.
Scent: Has a lemony sweet scent. Similar to all of the other Fresh Sugar lip treatments. (I believe the therapy ones smell different though.)
Pigmentation: Though not very pigmented, I think it does create a lighter color on my pigmented lips.
Overall: I really love this nude shade. I think it is very natural and easy to apply without a mirror. The scent is fine for me and I think the sturdy twist lock for the cap is a plus. Though $22, it is a fairly large tube and would last you a while.

I believe this is the newest shade in the family...have you seen this?


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush Angelic Radiance REVIEW and swatches

Guerlain Meteorites are one of the makeup items that has always been on my list of things to try. They are just so precious- the round pearls, different colors, packaging...just everything. I have always steered clear of them because they have always been some sort of shimmer or highlight item. I don't like highlighting items too much and I felt like I wouldn't be able to get enough uses out of it. When the Perles de Blush version of Guerlain Meteorites came out, I was ecstatic. I knew this would be my opportunity to purchase the Meteorites and actually use it. So that is how I ended up writing this review. To get a more in depth look at the Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush in Angelic Radiance, read below.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush in Angelic Radiance,, $53

A mix of pink, peach, and radiant powder. 
(see the spill over in the right middle picture? That is from lifting the powder puff)

I have had this item for about a month and I am only writing the review now because I have been having mixed feelings. The print on the box is very pretty. I love the soft puff that comes with the container and the colors of the pearls are gorgeous. They lit up my face and not in a shimmering way. The scent was floral, but in an elegant way. The lasting power was amazing. 

However, there is a downside to each one of the good characteristics I listed. Though the box was pretty printed, it is made of a soft cardboard and did not feel sturdy enough for me to bring anywhere. The powder puff though soft was extremely difficult to pull up from the box. It also dispersed a lot of powder during each lift and each push back into the container. The scent is nice and I like it, but I can see how people more sensitive to smells would be turned off by it. The blush lasted a long time on my face, but I don't feel the shade was overwhelmingly unique. 

Now you see why I have been back and forth on my take on this product? I think depending on the person, one can love it or can leave it. Personally, for $53, I feel like I need to love it, but I don't. I feel for me to love it I need this to hold more product, have a better applicator placement so I don't loose a good amount each time I remove and replace the powder puff, and the container needs to be more sturdy. The powder puff already comes saturated with blush which makes it extremely difficult to apply to the face as it will cause you to over apply.

Application/Texture: I would not be able to use the over-saturated powder puff to apply blush, but using a stippling brush, I was able to nicely create a glowing flush on my cheeks. The powder is finely milled and easy to blend.
Staying power: This lasted 8-9 hours.
Scent: Floral. Quite potent, but does go away after a minute of application.
Pigmentation: Quite pigmented and not shimmery. It still does give a nice natural glow.
Overall: I really do like the product itself because it gives me a very natural glow without shimmers. However, for $53, there are a lot of things that are not good enough. The amount of product is a mere 13g. The container is very flimsy and not good for any travel. The scent is on the stronger side, but the blush does have very good pigmentation. The powder puff is badly designed as it takes too much product and displaces too much blush when you replace it. It is also extremely difficult to lift the puff as there are no pull or handles. Overall, I think there are better blushes out there that are worth more of your money. However, I can see if you are a meteorites fan, this could be a must-have.

All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.