Saturday, June 20, 2015

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Awakening Rose 10 swatches and REVIEW

Milani once again released some rose powder blushes. Rose powder blushes have been released 2 other times and I believe they have all been new shades. Some of them became permanent blushes, but these 3 are limited edition and new so far. I picked up one for myself to review below. If I pick up the other two, I will definitely review them here. In the mean time, enjoy Awakening Rose (10)!

I have always loved Milani's blushes and I have collected nearly all of their limited edition Rose powder blushes. I didn't want to miss out on this collection so I picked up one to play with. From some online photos, these blushes appear to be shimmery. I don't like shimmery/glittery blushes, hence why I only picked up one shade.

Milani Awakening Rose powder blush, $9.99, CVS

Awakening Rose is one of three limited edition blushes. It is a mauvey nude pink shade and is for the most part not shimmery. Shimmers appear on the pan, but it is not transferred to the skin. 
Another note is that though the individual packages do not say limited edition, the display they are on does. 

Application/texture: Awakening Rose kicked up some powder when I rubbed my finger to pick up some product. On the skin, it blended very nicely and smoothly. Nice even coat and no powdery look.
Scent: None detected.
Finish: It appears matte on the skin even though it has some shimmers on the pan.
Lasting power: I have slightly oily combination skin and this lasted a good 8 hours before disappearing.
Overall: The Awakening Rose blush is very smooth to apply and I love that I could use it as a contour because of the mauvy brown shade it is. It isn't too bright and can be used for more subtle color. I especially was relieved to see that it is mainly matte on the skin because I don't like shimmery or glittery blushes. I might go back for the other two shades to try now that this one appeared matte.

What are your thoughts? Will you be grabbing some of these?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chanel Le Vernis Beige Rose 655 swatches and REVIEW

Chanel came out with a few new nail polish colors and one of them was Beige Rose (655). In the bottle, Beige Rose looked like your typical nude pink opaque polish. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being more brightening on the nails. The brightening feature makes it more appropriate to be in the Summer collection. See below for some swatches and my opinion on this polish.

Chanel Beige Rose (655) le vernis, $27

Beige Rose is a peachy nude shade with a brightening pink finish. It isn't shimmery or glittery, but it does brighten my skin somehow!

Application/Texture: I do have to admit the application for this polish was not the easiest I have worked with before. It required 3 coats to become opaque without streakiness. Compared to some of the other Chanel shades or Dior shades I have, this is just mediocre. Texture is smooth and nice. 
Lasting power: This lasted 3 days with top coat before I saw my first chip. The major chip happened on the 5th day.
Overall: I do really love this shade. It isn't just a plain peachy pink nude. It also brightens the skin without shimmer or glitters. The cost and the not-perfect application makes it not one of my favorite nail polishes, but I still see myself reaching for it especially when going to the beach or simply wearing sandals.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Milani Bronzer XL REVIEW and swatch

Milani released a Dolci Bronze collection and I have just posted a review on one of their Bella Eyes Dolci eyeshadows here. This is the second item that I got from the collection and I am loving it. I love the natural looking contoured look. However, the bronzer you use have to be matte to create the correct 'shadow' look. There have been times where I get a bronzer and realize it is shimmery or has a sheen. The Bronze XL from Milani is matte and what I like even more from the palette is that the 'highlight' shade is also not shimmery. It is a lighter version and creates a 'light' area without shimmer. That is my favorite type of highlight. A lot of highlighters can be very shimmery and those shimmers eventually migrate to different parts of your face.

Milani Bronzer XL, CVS, $9.99

The Bronzer XL is definitely an extra large size. Unlike most other bronzer I own, this one is by far the larger of the lot. In my hand, it fills up my palm and slightly more. You definitely get your money's worth here. Like I mentioned above, this Bronzer XL is a matte finish. Even the hightlight gives just a matte version of highlight. The highlight pigment is lighter and brighter and replaces the shimmer/glitter a lot of other contour palette uses. The highlighter in this palette actually makes it different than the other contour palettes I already own. The matte finish highlighter is what really wowed me. Before I swatched the highlighter I thought this was just another contour palette. I am glad to say this is now one of my favorites!

Texture/application: The texture is very soft and not powdery at all for either the bronzer or highlight. When applied, it also glided smoothly and did not tug.
Staying power: It lasted 7 hours without setting spray.
Scent: None detected
Finish: Matte. Even the highlight is not shimmery.
Overall: I really love that this set of contour powder is matte finish. I think those are the ones that help create the shadows and highlights the best! The chances of magnifying pores are also not an issue since there are not shimmers or glitters. If you want a good contour palette, one that lasts a long time, and is budget-friendly, I would definitely check out this palette!

Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadow in Dolci 31 REVIEW and swatches

It has been a while since my last post and I am glad I finally found some time to show you a few of my newest beauty items. Truth is, my boyfriend and I adopted a dog recently and since neither of us had a dog before we have been high strung and learning a lot these past few weeks. Now that things have settled down a little bit, I can spare an hour with some blog posts :)

Milani has released a summer collection called Dolci Bronze. None of the items here are listed as Limited Edition so I want to say they will stick around after the launch. However, looking at the Bella Eyes section of the permanent display, I noticed that it only went up to #30. Dolci is #31 so I wonder if they will have a different display case to include this one.

Milani Dolci Bronze collection, CVS, $4.99
The display above does not show the eyeshadow because I grabbed the last one. I guess I could have left it there for the photo first. 

Dolci is a metallic finish and perfectly resembles the summer. It's hot-sand look mixed with some shimmer reminds me a lot of hot sun shone on the beach. Though metallic, it still glides onto the skin well and isn't all glitter.

Texture/application: The texture reminds me of all the other Bella Eyes eyeshadow. Satiny smooth and easy to pick up. It applies also very smoothly with little to no fallout and has an easy stream of pigment.
Lasting power: About 6 hours without primer.
Scent: None.
Overall: This eyeshadow is a dream to use. It's intense copper mixed with a gleam of shine makes it an excellent eyeshadow shade for the summer. If you love the bronze goddess look, I would definitely recommend!