Saturday, September 26, 2015

OOTD - last days of summer

By the time this post goes up, it would have been Fall already. I did, however, wear this outfit right before summer ended. It was my last attempt to soak up whatever sun was out there before daylight savings begin. Sorry to be MIA for so long. It isn't that I forgot about this blog, but rather my NEW makeup purchase and usage have decreased drastically. Earlier in the summer, I went on a no-buy to try and use up what I currently have. You do tend to run out of space if you try new products left and right. During that time, I realized that I don't use a lot of the previously tried or coveted items much anymore. I have a few staples and then a few special products that I use. Everything else is just sitting there, looking pretty. I felt inclined to explain why makeup reviews haven't been popping up more often. Anyway, I have seen some pretty interesting holiday kits/products out so I might do a cosmetic review really soon.
In the mean time, I have an OOTD! Hope you enjoy :)

Dress - Merona Seersucker (on sale for less than $9!)
Belt - Anthropologie navy beaded belt
Bag - Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury double zip shopper (similar)
Sunnies - Toms Kitty sunglasses (similar)

I personally ordered my sunnies from my optometry office because I needed prescription. It is much easier if you don't need prescription or have contacts :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Burberry Runway Icons box REVIEW and swatches!

As promised, I am reviewing the Burberry Runway Icons beauty box that I purchased from Sephora a few weeks back. I had been meaning to put this review up sooner, but life outside of blogging happened. Anyway, I am very excited to share my thoughts on this with you today because I have had some time to try it and I really like it. I tried to document as much of the box and contents as I could. See below! (By the way, as I mentioned in the previous post, I had a feeling this box will sell out fast. Sure enough, it did. Hopefully, Sephora will replenish the stocks. Otherwise, they also have these in regular sizes.)

Burberry Runway Icons,, $32
The inside of the box has a semi-transparent paper that lists the items inside.
Underneath this paper is a very neatly arranged set of 4 items: 
* A kabuki brush rolled up in a black velvet cover
* A square compact of contour powder and a mirror
* A small bottle of luminous liquid
 * a small tube of red lipstick