Sunday, March 12, 2017

Marc Jacobs High and Fine Eyeliner collection REVIEW and swatches

No one likes running eyeliners, and finding that perfect eyeliner isn't always easy. I am here today to share a product with you that lines my eyes perfectly and stays put. I am talking about the Marc Jacobs Highliner and Fineliner. Both of these products glides nicely on the lids and stay put all day. They also come in an array of colors so you definitely can find something that suits you! This particular set comes with 4 shades and 2 sizes - it is a great starter kit if you have never tried eyeliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Marc Jacobs High and Fine Collection, $29
Sephora and Neiman Marcus (

The smudge test (applying, letting dry, and rubbing with my fingers) showed that all of the shades stayed on pretty strongly. Obviously, I wouldn't rub my eyes this hard, but if it doesn't come off from my hands it probably will stay on my lids.

I have oily lids so I tend to line my eyes with powder. Powder allows absorbance of the oil and takes longer to break down. Both of these eyeliners are strong enough to stay for 12 hours. I really like that they are easy to apply and come in different sizes. The fine eyeliner allows for very precise lining and the highliner is great for giving more volume to the eyes. I like them both!
Did I mention these were also waterproof? Waterproof products generally work amazing with my oily lids and you don't have to worry when you travel to more humid or rainy areas.

Application/texture: The application is super easy. You twist up the pencil and just glide on. No tugging or sharpening required!
Scent: None detected.
Lasting power: About 12 hours, depending on the weather.
Overall: I really, really like this eyeliner. The nude shade really allows for tightlining and opening the eyes while the black shade is an overall awesome eyeliner. I would definitely recommend this set, especially for less than $30!