Saturday, May 12, 2012

Philosophy goodies at Big Lots- SALE!

There's a sale! at Big Lots!

I don't shop at Big Lots a lot, but after hearing about a sale on Philosophy items I just had to check it out. I have never tried Philosophy's cosmetic items, but I did like their bath items. They are probably most known for their delicious scents in body washes and shampoos.
Anyway, this post is to show you what I got and some swatches of what I really liked. I noticed there weren't too many reviews or swatches online so hopefully this will help you decide what you want to get at your local Big Lots. Did I mention, each of these items are only $3!!

 From left: Philosophy Grace Angel kiss lip gloss in Pretty please,
Grace eyelighting shadow duo in heaven and earth
Grace shimmering face powder

I noticed that the angel kiss lip gloss in pretty please doesn't have much color. However, the feel of it on your lips is just delightful. It doesn't feel stick or feel like there is something there. But it definitely does have a moistured feeling. 
The eyeshadow duo is very pretty. The color Heaven is such a good highlighter! The Earth color is a mushroomy brown and gives your eyes a very natural tint! Both were very smooth and easy to apply.
The shimmering face powder is a very nice highlight color. It has a small hint of pink, but won't seem apparent when you buff it out. This has a slight scent of Amazing Grace perfume! 

From left: Divine illumination- ageless skin luminizer, supernatural coloring book

The Divine illumination is quite sheer and isn't really a foundation. It is very smooth like a cream and gives your skin a very subtle sheen. Though I have oily skin, I don't feel this adds to my shine. However, I don't see how it smooths fine lines instantly like it claims. Overall a very light but brightening product.
The supernatural coloring book features two lip glosses (reflect a little, open your heart), two eyeshadows (pure of heart, down to earth), cream blush (bare your soul), and two powder blush (honest, true). I haven't tried the lipglosses, but the eyeshadows are very sheer. The pure of heart is a nice highlight for inner corners of your eyes and the down to earth is a good color for a very subtle, natural look on your eyes. 

The supernatural windows to the soul eye shadow palette in plum delicious

 Swatches of Supernatural windows to the soul eyeshadow palette.
from left: sweet vanilla, cloudberry, plum delicious, blackberry
These eye shadows aren't the most pigmented things that I have tried before, but it can be built up. I tried some on my eyes and I love the subtle look it gives. It comes with a complete set of eye shadows to do your whole eye. All were smooth and easy to work with. I think all of them are matte with the exception of plus delicious, which has a bit of shimmer in it.

 Grace coloring book
from top left: two lip glosses in be sweet and in love.
two eye shadows in angel and dream
all over illuminator in 7th heaven
powder blush in pure joy
shimmering face powder in amazing grace

As you can see, the Amazing Grace shimmering face powder is in this palette. If you don't want to get the full size powder, you can definitely get this palette to try it first. Note that one of the items that I didn't get at the store is the angel trio lipgloss. That lipgloss contains both of the lip glosses featured here so there is no point in getting it unless you really love those colors. These two glosses do not really have pigment and only gives shine to your lips. If you have no color on your lips at all, these will give you a hint of tint. Otherwise, more pigmented lips could only use these as shine. In terms of blush, it is a sheer pink with hints of shimmer. There isn't anything too special about this blush. 

left: supernatural lit from within cream blush in feel warm all over
eye shadow palette in plum delicious

The cream blush looks very pigmented in the container, but is actually not that pigmented on the face. When spread over the cheeks, it just gave me a warm glow. You can apply more and get a coral pink tint if you wish. I applied with my fingers for maximum color. This is the second color in the series of 3 of the cream blushes and I would say this is the medium shade. If you want a more pigmented pink, try the third one (look on the bright side) and if you want less color, try the first one (bare your soul). 

All of these are made without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, propylene glycol, and pegs. A few of them are even talc and sulfate free! Yay for our skin while looking good :)

Overall these were a great steal! The retail price of these range from 20-30 dollars! However, most of these are very sheer and not as pigmented as other cosmetics in the regular price range. (Though I did notice that cosmetics without talc seem to be less pigmented in general.) You can definitely build it up and for $3 each...there's not a real loss to try a few of them. 
Hurry before they sell out!


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