Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maybelline's mega plush mascara review

I recently purchased the Maybelline's Mega Plush mascara in very black (part of their volum' express line) and I love it. It is the world's first gel-mousse mascara! The gel formula allows defined and volumized curls while allowing it to be super soft to the touch. I was able to touch my lashes with mascara on and could hardly notice I was wearing any.  It comes in this turquoise tube (much like the Falsies container, but different color). There are a few differences compared to the falsies and I will outline that below.

This is the cutest, softest, cleanest mascara I have used so far! Not only is it in one of my favorite colors, but it works like a charm on my short, straight, and thin lashes. It lengthen slightly my lashes, kept them curled, and defined each lash very well. It hardly clumped for me and I was able to reapply it after the first coat if I do it quickly. Though it didn't clump, I still noticed my lashes being fuller.

Maybelline Mega plush mascara in very black (.3 fl. oz, $6.99) 

A comparison between the Mega Plush (top) and the Falsies (bottom). Notice that the plush mascara wand is much fuller and less curved. The Falsies has a slight curve in the brush to help with application. Both wands have the flexor technology for ease of handling- doesn't do much for me personally. 

My bare lashes curled. So thin my camera could hardly focus on it! 

After one coat of Maybelline's Mega Plush mascara in Very Black. 

My lashes stayed this way for 8-10 hours without fail. No smudge, flakes, or uncurling! This isn't even the waterproof formula and still it holds my hard-to-curl eyelashes like a charm! I've worn this for nearly a week now and the result are consistent!
My boyfriend personally thought my lashes looked really clean and full when I wore the Mega Plush mascara recently. I guess there was a difference!

Just looking at the color of this tube makes me smile :) I loveee this mascara. It does everything for me the Maybelline Falsies does, but in addition gives my lashes a soft feel. I love the Maybelline Falsies- it is my favorite mascara! Affordable and effective! Now, I can have all that AND with soft lashes! 

If you really liked the Maybelline Falsies mascara, but do not like the crunchy feel if gives your lashes I would give this Mega Plush mascara a try. At less than $10 and easily found in drugstores (I've seen it at Target and Walgreens), what is there to lose?

Have you tried the Mega Plush mascara yet? What do you think of it?


All products shown here were purchased with my own money and were given my fair and honest opinion.


  1. OMG! i LOVE this mascara it makes my eyelashes fuller and ur rite it does kind of curl them. I also love the brush of this mascara and it makes every eyelash fuller and volumized.

    1. glad you liked it! I am loving their newest mascara!


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